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" ... similitude: sometimes it is lodged in a sly question, in a smart answer, .in a quirkish reason, in a shrewd intimation, in cunningly diverting or cleverly retorting an objection: sometimes it is couched in a bold scheme of speech, in a tart irony,... "
The life of Samuel Johnson. [With] The principal corrections and additions ... - Página 111
por James Boswell - 1807
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Wuest's Word Studies from the Greek New Testament

Kenneth Samuel Wuest - 1973 - 1046 páginas
...obfection: sometimes it is couched in a bold scheme of speech, in a tart irony, in a lusty hyperbole, in a startling metaphor, in a plausible reconciling...contradictions, or in acute nonsense. . . Sometimes an affected simplicity, sometimes a presumptuous bluntness giveth it being. Its ways are unaccountable...
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The Life of Samuel Johnson

James Boswell - 2008 - 1024 páginas
...nonsense: sometimes a scenical representation of persons or things, a counterfeit speech, a inimical look or gesture, passeth for it: sometimes an affected...bluntness giveth it being: sometimes it riseth only from a lucky hitting upon what is strange, sometimes from a crafty wresting obvious matter to the purpose....
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