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" Perhaps the power of governing a territory belonging to the United States which has not by becoming a state acquired the means of self-government may result necessarily from the facts that it is not within the jurisdiction of any particular state, and... "
Independence for Puerto Rico: Hearings ... on S. 227 ... March 5-8, 1945 - Página 117
por United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Territories and Insular Affairs - 1945 - 551 páginas
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The Library Of Original Sources: 1833-1865

Oliver J. Thatcher - 2004 - 452 páginas becoming a state, acquired the means of self-government, may result, necessarily, from the fact that it is not within the jurisdiction of any acquire territory. Whichever may be the source from which the power is derived, the possession of it is unquestionable." It is thus clear, from the...
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