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Balance in Agricultural Relations-The Balance of Farm Income with
General Income-The Balance of Farm Accumulation of Wealth-The
Balance of Population between Agriculture and Industry-The Bal-
ance in Production between Agriculture and Industry-The Balance of
Farm Prices with Other Prices-Land Ownership and Tenancy-Taxa-
tion of Farm Land-Transportation of Farm Products-Marketing of
Farm Products Agricultural Credit-International Agricultural Rela-
tions-Farm Management-Conclusion.



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Evolution of the Acceptability of Money-The Qualities of a Good

Money-Reasons for the General Acceptability of Paper Money-

Coinage Kinds of Money in the United States-Legal Tender-The
Functions of Money-The Gold Standard-Other Metal Standards-
The Paper Standard-The Controversy over Standards-Scarcity,
Stability, Production-Supply of Money-Demand for Money-The
Value of Money-The Importance of Price Fluctuations.

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