Handbook of Building Construction: Data for Architects, Designing and Constructing Engineers, and Contractors ...

George A. Hool, Nathan C. Johnson
McGraw-Hill Book Company, Incorporated, 1920 - 1474 páginas

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Página 1390 - Portland cement is the product obtained by finely pulverizing clinker produced by calcining to incipient fusion an intimate and properly proportioned mixture of argillaceous and calcareous materials, with no additions subsequent to calcination excepting water and calcined or uncalcined gypsum.
Página 1398 - If the percentage of elongation of any tension test specimen is less than that specified in Sec. 8(a) and any part of the fracture is outside the middle third of the gage length, as indicated by scribe scratches marked on the specimen before testing, a retest shall be allowed.
Página 1390 - The cement shall be stored in such a manner as to permit easy access for proper inspection and identification of each shipment, and in a suitable weather-tight building which will protect the cement from dampness.
Página 1398 - The inspector representing the purchaser shall have free entry, at all times while work on the contract of the purchaser is being performed, to all parts of the manufacturer's works which concern the manufacture of the material ordered.
Página 1242 - place of employment," shall mean and include every place, whether indoors or out, or underground, and the premises appurtenant thereto where either temporarily or permanently any industry, trade or business, is carried on, or where any process or operation, directly or indirectly related to any industry, trade or business, is carried on, and where any person is directly or indirectly employed by another for direct or indirect gain or profit but shall not include any place where persons are employed...
Página 891 - In cases where timbers do not contain the pith and it is impossible to locate it with any degree of accuracy, the same inspection shall be made over 3...
Página 890 - ... and is so fixed by growth or position that it will retain its place in the piece.
Página 1392 - If any test specimen shows defective machining or develops flaws, it may be discarded and another specimen substituted. (c) If the percentage of elongation of any tension test specimen is less than that specified in Section 5 (a) and any part of the fracture is more than % in.
Página 1393 - Section 4, which represent rejected material, shall be preserved for two weeks from the date of the test report. In case of dissatisfaction with the results of the tests, the manufacturer may make claim for a rehearing within that time.
Página 1062 - Work, and will endeavor to guard the Owner against defects and deficiencies in the Work of the Contractor.

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