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Página 762 - ... for the expansion' of capacity, the development of technological processes, or the production of essential materials, including the exploration, development, and mining of strategic and critical metals and minerals, and manufacture of newsprint.
Página 754 - ... be served, and in such writing shall agree that any lawful process against it which is served...
Página 664 - I am a member of the Bar of the Supreme Court of the State of Connecticut.
Página 624 - Secretaries of the military departments to authorize the negotiation of purchases and contracts pursuant to the authority contained in section 2 (c) (1) of the Armed Services Procurement Act of 1947.
Página 623 - This negotiated contract is entered into pursuant to the provisions of section 2 (c) (1) of the Armed Services Procurement Act of 1947 (Public Law 413, 80th Cong.), and any required determination and findings have been made.
Página 825 - Additional Report of the Special Committee Investigating the National Defense Program pursuant to Sen.
Página 649 - Any license granted herein shall not convey any right to the Government to manufacture, have manufactured, or use any Subject Invention for the purpose of providing services or supplies to the general public in competition with the Contractor or the Contractor's commercial licensees in the licensed fields.
Página 754 - State, is equivalent to and shall constitute an appointment by such insurer of the commissioner and his successor or successors in office to be its true and lawful attorney, upon whom may be served all lawful process in any action, suit, or proceeding instituted by or on behalf of an insured or beneficiary arising out of any such...
Página 755 - Is pending cash or securities or file with such clerk a bond with good and sufficient sureties, to be approved by the court, in an amount to be fixed by the court sufficient to secure the payment of any final judgment...
Página 755 - Such fee shall not exceed twelve and one-half per cent of the amount which the court or jury finds the plaintiff is entitled to recover against the insurer, but in no event shall such fee be less than twenty-five dollars. Failure of an insurer to defend any such action shall be deemed prima facie evidence that its failure to make payment was vexatious and without reasonable cause.

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