The Politics of Human Rights

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The Belgrade Circle was established as an intellectual forum to promote the establishment of a free, open, democratic and rational civil society around the world. This volume sets out to describe the political and philosophical underpinnings to the idea of human rights by bringing together a collection of original essays from a group of highly distinguished theorists. Whilst accepting the advantages of a legalist model in globalizing the issue of human rights, it also recognizes that Western insistence on universality of the concept can function as a diplomatic cover for post-colonial intervention. It insists that the campaign for human rights must take into account the varied social and economic environments in different nation states that affect the ways in which they can be implemented. Above all it insists that the best way of promoting a universal concept of human rights is by demonstrating international solidarity with those many individuals and groups whose basic rights are jeopardized or denied. Contributors: John Rawls, Emmanuel Levinas, Jean-Francois Lyotard, Richard Rorty, Peter Dews, Charles Taylor, Jon Elster, Antonio Cassese, Robert Dahl, Aleksandar Molnar, Marijana Santrac, Charlotte Bunch, Obrad Savic, Anthony Giddens, Terry Eagleton, Rajesh Sampath, Jean Baudrillard, Noam Chomsky, Paul Jalbert, and Christopher Norris.

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The politics of human rights

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The essays in The Politics of Human Rights are reprinted from the third issue of the irregular serial Belgrade Circle Journal (ISSN 0354-635X). The Belgrade Circle is a nongovernmental organization ... Ler crítica na íntegra


The Global and the Local in Human Rights
The Law of Peoples
Emmanuel Lévinas 465
Human Rights Rationality and Sentimentality
Law Solidarity and the Tasks of Philosophy
Conditions of an Unforced Consensus on Human Rights
Majority Rule and Individual Rights
Are Human Rights Truly Universal?
The Legal Status of National Minorities in the Federal Republic
Womens Rights as Human Rights
Political Theory and the Problem of Violence
Local and Global
The Perfect Crime
Critique and Analysis in Media Studies
Metaphor Ontology and Scientific Truth
Parallel Worlds

Democracy and Human Rights under Different Conditions
The Others Rights
Human Rights in the New Europe

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Obrad Savic teaches History of Social Sciences at the University of Belgrade. He is editor-in-chief of the Belgrade Circle Journal, and author and editor of numerous collections.

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