Foreign Relations of the United States; the Conference at Quebec, 1944

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1972 - 527 páginas
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Página 93 - The above declaration is without prejudice to the case of the major criminals, whose offences have no particular geographical localisation and who will be punished by the joint decision of the Governments of the Allies.
Página 380 - The frontiers of States (Lander) and Provinces within Germany, referred to in the foregoing descriptions of the zones, are those which existed after the coming into effect of the decree of 25th June, 1941 (published in the Reichsgesetzblatt, Part I, No. 72, 3rd July, 1941). Berlin Area (as shown on the annexed 4 sheets of map "B") The Berlin area (by which expression is understood the territory of "Greater Berlin...
Página xxxix - Sept. 14 Sept. 14 Sept. 14 Sept. 14 Sept. 14 Sept.
Página 418 - Decisions of the security council on procedural matters should be made by an affirmative vote of seven members. "3. Decisions of the security council on all other matters should be made by an affirmative vote of seven members...
Página 115 - ... Military marks and Reichsmark currency or coins in their possession. Allied Military marks and Reichsmark currency and coin now in circulation in Germany will be legal tender without distinction and will be interchangeable at the rate of 1 Allied Military mark for 1 Reichsmark.
Página 102 - ... removed from the area or completely destroyed. All equipment shall be removed from the mines and the mines shall be thoroughly wrecked.
Página 476 - Sound thinking teaches that . . . poverty in one part of the world usually induces poverty in other parts. Enforced poverty is even worse, for it destroys the spirit not only of the victim but debases the victor. It would be just such a crime as the Germans themselves hoped to perpetrate upon their victims — it would be a crime against civilization itself.
Página 217 - Upon the defeat of the Axis in Europe, in co-operation with other Pacific Powers, and, if possible, with Russia, to direct the full resources of the United States and Great Britain to bring about at the earliest possible date the unconditional surrender of Japan.
Página 190 - The greatest likelihood of eventual conflict," said the Joint Chiefs of Staff in 1944 (the only conflict which the JCS, in its wisdom, could then glimpse "in the foreseeable future" was between Britain and Russia), ". . . would seem to grow out of either nation initiating attempts to build up its strength, by seeking to attach to herself parts of Europe to the disadvantage and possible danger of her potential adversary.

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