New Jersey as a Colony and as a State: One of the Original Thirteen, Volume 2

Publishing Society of New Jersey, 1902
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Página 141 - You can form no idea of the perplexity of my situation. No man, I believe, ever had a greater choice of difficulties, and less means to extricate himself from them. However, under a full persuasion .of the justice of our cause, I cannot entertain an idea, that it will finally sink, though it may remain for some time under a cloud.
Página 334 - Congress will deceive themselves, if they imagine that the army, or a State that is the theatre of war, can rub through a second campaign as the last. It would be as unreasonable as to suppose, that, because a man had rolled a snow-ball till it had acquired the size of a horse, he might do so till it was as large as a house. Matters may be pushed to a certain point, beyond which we cannot move them.
Página 381 - The astonishing contrast between his former and actual situation at the same spot, the elegant taste with which it was adorned for the present occasion, and the innocent appearance of the white-robed choir, who met him with the gratulatory song, have made such impressions on his remembrance, as, he assures them, will never be effaced.
Página 211 - If I were to be called upon to draw a picture of the times and of men, from what I have seen, heard, and in part know, I should in one word say that idleness, dissipation, and extravagance seem to have laid fast hold of most of them ; that speculation, peculation, and an insatiable thirst for riches seem to have got the better of every other consideration, and almost of every order of men...
Página 307 - Union, at such time and place as should be agreed upon by the said commissioners, to take into consideration the trade and commerce of the United States, to consider how far a uniform system in their commercial intercourse and regulations might be necessary to their common interest and permanent harmony...
Página 381 - WELCOME, mighty chief, once more Welcome to this grateful shore ; Now no mercenary foe Aims again the fatal blow ; Aims at THEE the fatal blow. " Virgins fair and matrons grave, Those thy conquering arms did save, Build for THEE triumphal bowers. Strew, ye fair, his way with flowers, Strew your Hero's way with flowers.
Página 39 - Rudely forced to drink tea, Massachusetts in anger Spills the tea on John Bull ; John falls on to bang her ; Massachusetts, enraged, calls her neighbors to aid, And give Master John a severe bastinade. •>• Now, good men of the law ! pray, who is in fault, The one who began or resents the assault?
Página 346 - Confederation, but according to some equitable ratio of representation, namely, in proportion to the whole number of white and other free citizens, and inhabitants of every age, sex, and condition, including those bound to servitude for a term of years, and three-fifths of all other persons not comprehended in the foregoing description, except Indians not paying taxes, in each State.
Página 307 - States ; and that His Excellency the Governor be requested to transmit a copy of this report to the President of the United States, the Governors of each of the States and to each of our Senators and Representatives in Congress.
Página 279 - From a kingdom that bullies, and hectors, and swears, We send up to heaven our wishes and prayers That we, disunited, may freemen be still, And Britain go on — to be damned if she will.

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