First Supplemental National Defense Appropriation Bill for 1944: Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations, United States Senate, Seventy-eighth Congress, First Session on H.R. 3598, an Act Making Appropriations to Supply Deficiencies in Certain Appropriations for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 1944, and for Prior Fiscal Years, to Provide Supplemental Appropriations for the Fiscal Year Ending June 30, 1944, and for Other Purposes

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1943 - 764 páginas
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Página 162 - An Act to provide for the promotion of vocational rehabilitation of persons disabled in industry or otherwise and their return to civil employment," approved June 2, 1920, as amended (USC, title 29, ch.
Página 162 - Congress assembled to provide for the promotion of Vocational Rehabilitation of persons disabled in industry or otherwise and their return to Civil Employment, Approved June 2, 1920.
Página 333 - No Department of the Government shall expend, in any one fiscal year, any sum in excess of appropriations made by Congress for that fiscal year, or involve the Government in any contract or obligation for the future payment of money in excess of such appropriations unless .such contract or obligation is authorized by law.
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