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When the individual members of your team begin to master the defensive fundamental skills in this book, the entire team will recognize it, and they will develop pride and team spirit. When a team reaches this level, we know that we are on our way to a successful season.

Use practice to build their image. Practice is not just about running drills and conditioning. If you can facilitate an atmosphere that not only allows players to develop themselves as good players and teammates but also builds their self-esteem, then you are really providing your players with something they can take out into the world. Get to know your players individual goals - on the court and off. We are all goal-oriented people and knowing your players goals will help you teach and encourage them to achieve those goals. When you correct them, build them back up by mentioning qualities you know they admire in themselves. As a coach the worst thing that can happen is if a player looses his self-image on or off the court.

Teaching players defensive fundamentals will do one very important thing - it will give your players confidence during the game. Being a good defense player takes practice and the more things your players can do successfully with the basketball, the more confident they will become. As a coach you want your players to be as confident with the ball as possible in game situations because this contributes greatly to winning.

Use the drills in this book as a coaching tool. The overall objective of this book is to provide coaches with drills to help them motivate their players, create a successful practice environment, and improve their players' defensive abilities.

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