Renegotiation of 1951 as Amended Through August 3, 1955: Printed for the Use of ... Pursuant to Sec. 8021(c) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, and Public Law 216, 84-1, Approved August 3, 1955; Compiled for ... by the Renegotiation Board

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Página 2 - President may authorize, subject to such regulations as he may prescribe, the Department of the Army, the Department of the Navy, the Department of the Air Force, the Department of Commerce...
Página 5 - Government agency" means any executive department, commission, independent establishment, corporation wholly or partly owned by the United States which is an instrumentality of the United States, board, bureau, division, service, office, officer, authority, administration, or other establishment, in the executive branch of the Government.
Página 12 - Board, that excessive profits are improbable; or " (5) any contract or subcontract with an organization exempt from taxation under section 101 (6) of the Internal Revenue Code...
Página 11 - ... contractor or subcontractor, and all persons under control of or controlling or under common control with the contractor or subcontractor, under contracts with the Departments and subcontracts...
Página 13 - Board shall prescribe regulations designating those classes and types of contracts which shall be exempt under this paragraph; and the Board shall, in accordance with regulations prescribed by it, exempt any individual contract not falling within any such class or type if it determines that such contract does not have a direct and immediate connection with the national defense.
Página 9 - ... subcontractor for excessive profits received or accrued during such fiscal year shall thereupon be discharged. If an agreement or order determining the amount of excessive profits is not made within...
Página 16 - ... for the purchase of real property, perishable goods, or commodities the minimum price for the sale of which has been fixed by a public regulatory body...
Página 18 - Is not embodied in an agreement with the contractor or subcontractor, may, within ninety days (not counting Sunday or a legal holiday in the District of Columbia as the last day) after the date of such determination, file a petition with The Tax Court of the United States for a redetermination thereof.
Página 6 - Secretary may direct, any amounts which under paragraph (3) (B) the contractor is directed to withhold from a subcontractor and which are actually unpaid at the time the contractor receives such direction. The obligations assumed by the contractor or subcontractor under paragraph (1) or (3) (A), as the case may be, agreeing to the elimination of excessive profits through renegotiation shall be binding on him only if the contract or subcontract, as the case may be, is subject to subsection (c).
Página 21 - ... effect, showing a necessity for a survival of such suit, action, or other proceeding to obtain a settlement of the questions involved...

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