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Our Triple Responsibility

The three great purposes of their careful training for the the Bell telephone organization, work expected of them, agreethe three united interests which able and healthful working the management must ever keep conditions, adequate pay, an in the fore-front, are: service opportunity for advancement, to the public, justice to the cordial relations between manemployees, security to stock- aging and other employees, and holders.

every facility for properly perService to the public must be

forming their duties. as continuous, dependable, and

Security to stockholders deperfect in speech transmission,

mands earnings to provide diviunder all conditions and during dends with a margin for safety all emergencies, as it is humanly

and the stability of market value possible for science and skill to

which goes with a large number produce.

of shareholders with a small
Justice to employees requires average ownership.

One Policy
One System

Universal Service
And all directed toward Better Service











ties say,

We're no longer a nation
of “red-blooded Americans'

-Scientists say
One in


-rich or poor
suffers from malnutrition
ED-BLOODED American"- The calcium, which is the largest con-
in that phrase historians and stituent of strong bones and the solid
biographers have summed up enamel of the teeth. And phosphorous,

the attributes of strength in absolutely essential to the nerves and brain. many an American pioneer and leader. In our foods of protein, starches,

Red blood is a synonym of health and sugars and fats we must also have these vigor; it is the nourisher of human life. organic mineral elements. They're vital The pale cheeks and pallid

to health and growth. So lips of millions of Ameri

Nature put them in the cans to-day, the lack of vi

whole wheat grain. tality and vim so often com

A delicious whole plained of, indicate, authori

wheat food a deficiency of The 16 vital elements certain food elements our

of nutrition

Thousands now draw from NaOxygen

ture's larder the sixteen vital blood and body tissues need.

elements - in · Pettijohn's,

whole wheat breakfast food of The 16 vital elements

rich and gratifying taste. Sixteen natural food ele

Its steaming fragrance awakments are needed to keep the

ens sluggish appetites in young

Each grain of wheat contains normal human being strong

and old. With cream and sugar these sixteen vital elements.

Read how many of them are it makes a vital energy ration and well.

lost in modern methods of of luscious nut-like favor. And in the wheat grain

wheat preparation.

If you have been feeling be

Only when we get a suffiNature provides all of these cient supply of all these ele

low normal in energy and vim elements in more nearly the

-try Pettijohn's. abundant vitality of "red

If you suffer from congestion proper proportion than any blooded Americans.”

of the intestinal tract, give this other food, save possibly milk.

food with its natural bran laxaBut many of the most important of

tive a chance to set you right. these are lost in the modern methods of

If you have a child who does not radiate

health in the sparkle of the eye, in the color wheat preparation, through the removal

of the cheeks and the full development of his of the six outer layers of the grain, com- body—try Pettijohn's. Give him a chance to monly called the bran.

become a real "Red-blooded American." The iron, for instance, which makes Your grocer has Pettijohn's—or will gladly that part of the red corpuscles in the

get it for you. Make tomorrow's breakfast of

this delicious sixteen-vital-elements food. blood which carries life-giving oxygen to Made by the Quaker Oats Co., 1621-P Railevery cell in the system.

way Exchange Bldg., Chicago, Ill. 160

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Sodium Chlorin Fluorin Silicon Manganese Potassium Iron Iodine

ments are we filled with that

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Through the Bankers Trust Company's foreign service arrangements have been made so that travelers holding A.B.A” Cheques may exchange them, on arrival in Europe, for other "A.B.A” Cheques stamped with their equivalent in sterling, francs or lire, etc., based upon the current exchange rate.

"A·B·ACheques are issued in denominations of $10,
$20, $50 and $100, and are put up in convenient
leather walletsat almost any bank in the United
States and Canada.

For full information write to

New York City

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The Sharing Sact economical pg satisfactory lates give you the imperts because we Sticks, Pouder Send * contain triat size for

We took the rub out of shaving originally away back in 1903


OLGATE'S Shaving Soap produces a lather

that softens the beard, without any rubbing in with the fingers. Don't assail your face, when you prepare to shave, as if you were limbering up a chunk of putty; but keep your fingers out of the lather completely. We have been giving this advice for seventeen years.

The use of Colgate's Shaving Stick makes it unnecessary to do any mussy rubbing in with the fingers. Working up the lather under the brush softens the beard thoroughly and makes shaving easy.

For shaving economy, use Colgate's "Handy Grip." When the soap is worn down, unscrew the stub and put in a Colgate Refill. Moisten and press the small bit of the old stick upon the end of the new, thus using all the soap. It means 50 extra, comfortable shaves. COLGATE & CO. Dept. 32 199 Fulton St., New York

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JUL 1 1921

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