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" The greatest obstacle which divided the Italian people from the United Nations has been removed by the Italians themselves. The only remaining obstacle on the road to peace is the German aggressor who is still on Italian soil. You want peace. You can... "
Treaties of Peace with Italy, Rumania, Bulgaria, and Hungary: Hearings ... - Página 82
por United States. Congress. Senate. Committee on Foreign Relations - 1947 - 196 páginas
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Sicily and the Surrender of Italy, Volume 11,Parte 2

Albert N. Garland, Howard McGaw Smyth - 1965 - 609 páginas
...the man who involved them in war as the tool of Hitler, and brought them to the verge of disaster. The greatest obstacle which divided the Italian people...governments have already offered you. We are coming to you as liberators. Your part is to cease immediately any assistance to the German military forces...
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The Supreme Commander: The War Years of General Dwight D. Eisenhower

Stephen E. Ambrose - 1999 - 732 páginas
...message would "commend" the Italians and the King on ridding themselves of Mussolini and point out that "the greatest obstacle which divided the Italian people...Italians themselves." The only remaining obstacle to peace was the German Army on Italian soil. The message would promise the Italians immediate and...
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