Quantum Leap Thinking: An Owner's Guide to the Mind

Souvenir, 2001 - 250 páginas
Positive change doesn't have to take place in incremental steps: Change can happen in sudden and profound leaps. This is the core of James J. Mapes' energetic new book. Quantum Leap Thinking, a user-friendly guide to mastering the mind. You will learn to make quantum leaps in personal growth by defining your vision and developing a personal road map. Strategies, insights, and practical exercises help you build a personal support system or develop high-performance teams. James Mapes molds his knowledge of human potential and organizational behavior into a unique philosophy that addresses questions as diverse as: How can managers best motivate their employees? How can you improve your golf game? Why is risk-taking necessary? And, How do you handle crisis change?

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Fear is defined here as "false learning appearing real." Well, sometimes fear is a darn good warning signal. The author once walked on a bed of hot coals to help himself master fear, but listeners ... Ler crítica na íntegra

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