Pacific Marine Review, Volume 41

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Página 88 - For I dipt into the future, far as human eye could see, Saw the Vision of the world, and all the wonder that would be ; Saw the heavens fill with commerce, argosies of magic sails, Pilots of the purple twilight, dropping down with costly bales ; Heard the heavens fill with shouting, and there rain'da ghastly dew From the nations...
Página 123 - ... date of expiration. Approved desalting kits capable of producing an equal amount of drinking water may be substituted for not more than one third of the drinking water required to be carried.
Página 92 - This is an official US Treasury advertisement— prepared under the auspices of Treasury Department and War Advertising Council.
Página 75 - ... shall be examined and tested by a licensed officer of the vessel within a period of not more than 12 hours before leaving port. All such vessels making voyages of less than 48 hours
Página 13 - With ADEL remote control systems, your finger tip commands will move and accurately position loads from ounces to tons with rugged, versatile hydraulic power. Over 500,000 ADEL hydraulic units comprising 300 types and sizes now serving aircraft, armament, transportation and marine industries. Known everywhere for Design Simplicity, Standardization and DEPENDABILITY. Recent brochure available. Send us details of your problems. Let our engineers show you what ADEL can do for you.
Página 147 - Sperry Gyro -Compass, being nonmagnetic, and free from all variation and deviation, provided a fixed steering reference that guided the ships through Massachusetts Bay to the eastern entrance of the Cape Cod Canal. The skipper told us: "I navigated entirely by the Gyro- Compass. After three hours I looked up from my charts to tell my Chief Officer that according to my reckoning the convoy was at the Canal entrance . . . and just then the fog lifted and we had our objective dead ahead, with all the...
Página 146 - Pro-drive letter to employees from management and labor. (c) Competitive progress boards. (d) Meeting schedules, etc. Q CARD FOR EACH WORKER— Dignify each personal approach with a pledge, order, or authorization card made out in the name of each worker. Provide for a cash purchase or installment pledge. Instruct each captain to put a pencil notation on the card to indicate the subscription he expects to solicit from each worker.
Página 88 - From the nations' airy navies grappling in the central blue; Far along the world-wide whisper of the south wind rushing warm, With the standards of the peoples plunging through the thunderstorm; Till the war drum throbbed no longer, and the battle flags were furled In the Parliament of man, the Federation of the world.
Página 35 - PROOF 4O pages of new, up-to-the-minute FOR USERS OF INDUSTRIAL PLASTICS Here's new and up-to-the-minute data for designers, in concise, easy-to-use form. Users of industrial plastics . . . manufacturers looking for ways to utilize the advantages of Micarta to replace other materials ; ; . will find full and helpful information in this revised and enlarged Micarta Data Book. Forty pages of property tables, performance curves and design suggestions provide working data for selecting the proper grade...
Página 63 - The indispensable qualifications for a post in Latin-America are : a thorough knowledge of the business or pursuit to be followed ; a speaking, reading and writing knowledge of Spanish or Portuguese (preferably both) ; an understanding of the economic geography of the southern countries ; and at least an acquaintance with the background story of the history of Latin- America.

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