Charter of the City and County of San Francisco ...

Star Press, J.H. Barry, 1900 - 186 páginas
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Página 70 - Superintendent of Streets. When so recorded the several amounts assessed shall be a lien upon the lands, lots, or portions of lots assessed, respectively, for the period of two years from the date of said recording, unless sooner discharged...
Página 134 - President at the time of the appointment, one at the end of one year, one at the end of two years, one at the end of three years, one at the end of four years, and one at the end of five years...
Página 48 - A complaint may be demurred to on the ground that it does not set forth the offense charged with such particularities of time, place, person and property as to enable the defendant to understand distinctly the character of the offense complained of, and the complaint may be amended by permission of the Court after a demurrer is sustained.
Página 7 - The signatures to the petition need not all be appended to one paper, but each signer shall add to his signature his place of residence, giving the street and number. One of the signers of each such paper shall make oath before an officer competent to administer oaths that the statements therein made are true...
Página 8 - For the ordinance" (stating the nature of the proposed ordinance), and "Against the ordinance" (stating the nature of the proposed ordinance). If a majority of the qualified electors voting on...
Página 70 - By virtue hereof, I (name of Superintendent of Streets) of the City of , County of , or City and County of , and State of California, by virtue of the authority vested in me as said Superintendent of Streets, do authorize and empower (name of contractor) (his or their) agents or assigns, to demand and receive the several assessments upon the assessment and diagram hereto attached, and this shall be (his or their) warrant for the same.
Página 131 - No officer or employe in the classified civil service of any city who shall have been appointed under said rules and after said examination, shall be removed or discharged except for cause, upon written charges and after an opportunity to be heard in his own defense.
Página 132 - ... falsely mark, grade, estimate, or report upon the examination or proper
Página 21 - June, and by a vote of a majority of all the members thereof make a budget of the amounts estimated to be required to pay the expenses of conducting the public business of the City and County for the next ensuing fiscal year. The budget shall be prepared in such detail as to the aggregate sum and the items thereof allowed to each department, office, board or commission, as the Supervisors shall deem advisable.
Página 17 - County of ten per centum on the amount of the bid, payable at sight to the order of the Clerk of the Supervisors. If the bidder to whom the contract is awarded shall for five days after such award fail or neglect to enter into the contract and file the required bond, the Clerk shall draw the money due on such certificate of deposit or check and pay the same into the treasury; and under no circumstances shall the certificate of deposit or check or the proceeds thereof be returned to such defaulting...

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