Biennial Report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction of the State of Illinois for the Years ..., Volume 31

The Superintendent, 1917
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Página 416 - Act shall be construed to discontinue either the farm management work or the farmers' cooperative demonstration work as now conducted by the Bureau of Plant Industry of the Department of Agriculture. Sec. 2. That cooperative agricultural extension work shall consist of the giving of instruction and practical demonstrations in agriculture and home economics to persons not attending or resident in said colleges in the several communities, and imparting to such persons information on said subjects through...
Página 113 - An act to provide for the establishment, maintenance and support of a bureau, to be known as the State Mining Bureau, and for the appointment and duties of a board of trustees, to be known as the board of trustees of the State Mining Bureau...
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Página 79 - The invalidity of any portion of this Act shall not affect the validity of any other portion thereof which can be given effect without such invalid part.
Página 73 - ... two of whom shall be elected for one year, two for two years and two for three years from the date of the annual school meeting next succeeding such special meeting.
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Página 104 - ... per centum on the value of the taxable property therein, to be .ascertained by the last assessment for State and county taxes, previous to the incurring of such indebtedness.
Página 45 - An act to establish and maintain a system of free schools," approved and in force June 12, 1909, as subsequently amended, be amended so that said sections shall read as follows :

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