Preschool Favorites: 35 Storytimes Kids Love

American Library Association, 30/04/2007 - 227 páginas
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"Research on childhood cognitive development plainly shows that storytime programming for young children is arguably the most beneficial service a library can provide."
--Diane Briggs, from the Introduction

Comprehensive, easy to use, and overflowing with fresh ideas, Preschool Favorites has everything needed to create storytimes: just add the kids! Each of the 35 fun themes includes a wealth of book suggestions, fingerplays (the "glue" that holds storytime together!), short poems, flannelboard stories (complete with patterns), music suggestions (and discography), and very simple crafts. Pull together these storytime ingredients to

  • Plan and execute complete storytime programs inspired by the 35 comprehensive and inviting chapters
  • Save time with the practical outlines, proven advice, and flannelboard patterns
  • Keep children involved with a variety of different activities within the storytime
  • Identify the most recent kid-friendly read-aloud books already in the collection

    From pizza and penguins to mud and moose to hopping bunnies and kangaroos, this is a refreshing primer for making storytime special in every library that serves young children. With these kid-tested storytime themes, children's librarians and staff will have everything they need to be inspired and carry through the easy planning to create engaging programs for their young, preschooler audiences.

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The Apple of My Eye
Beach Party
The Big Bad Wolf
Billy Coat Adventures
Blanket Stories
Colorful Stories
Elephants Youll Never Forget
Friends Are Special People
Gingerbread Stories
Kangaroo Hop
Kissable Frogs
Lets Dance
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