Savings and Loan Holding Company Amendments of 1967: Hearings Before the Subcommittee on Domestic Finance of ... , 90-1 on H.R. 1322, H.R. 8696, and H.R. 12025 ... , August 21 and 22, 1967, Volume 1

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Página 21 - Board be modified, terminated, or set aside. A copy of such petition shall be forthwith transmitted by the clerk of the court to the...
Página 56 - In the consideration of all questions requiring action by the members of the association, each holder of a savings account shall be permitted to cast one vote for each $100, or fraction thereof, of the withdrawal value of his account. A borrowing member shall be permitted, as a borrower, to cast one vote, and to cast the number of votes to which he may be entitled as the holder of a savings account.
Página 25 - Photostatic copy in the files of the Committee on Banking and Currency of the United States Senate...
Página 170 - I want to thank each and every one of you for your presence here today and I am sure that your testimony will be appreciated.
Página 157 - ... controls in any manner the election of a majority of the directors of any one bank; or (2) For the benefit of whose shareholders or members all or substantially all the capital stock of a member bank is held by trustees.
Página 21 - A copy of such petition shall be forthwith transmitted by the clerk of the court to any member of the Commission, and thereupon the Commission shall file in the court the record upon which the order complained of was entered, as provided in section 2112 of title 28, United States Code. Upon the filing of such petition such court shall have jurisdiction, which upon the filing of the record shall be exclusive, to affirm, modify, and enforce or set aside such order, in whole or in part.
Página 137 - ... clearly outweighed In the public Interest by the probable effect of the transaction In meeting the convenience and needs of the community to be served.
Página 22 - Agency, do hereby certify that the foregoing resolution was duly adopted by the board of directors of...

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