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References to addresses, reports, and papers printed in extended form are given in italics.
* Indicates that the title only of a communication is given.

References followed by entries thus (D 22) are to publication of a paper, or on the subject
thereof, elsewhere, the letter and figure indicating the section and number of the
communication in the sectional programme.

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Academic freedom in Universities ., by
Principal E. Barker, 247.

Acartia clausi var. hudsonica nov. var.
. ., by Mrs. K. F. Pinhey, 402.
ADAMS (T.), . Urban growth in
America, 409.

[ocr errors]

ADDISON (W. L. T.), Molecular form of

calcium carbonate accounting for
crystal forms of aragonite and calcite,

Address by the President, Sir D. Bruce, 1.
Adolescent Education Act in Ontario,

Working of, by Major J. B. Cowles, 459.
Adrenals and metabolism, by Prof. G. N.
Stewart and Prof. J. M. Rogoff, 425,
468 (I 4).

Adrenal secretion in chemical control of
body temperature, by Prof. W. B.
Cannon and Dr. A. Querido, 425, 468
(I 3).

Adult education in Great Britain . .
by A. E. Heath, 456.

Aerial photographs

surveys in
Canada, by A. M. Narraway, 406.
Aeroplanes, Forces which lift, by Prof.
V. Bjerknes, 367.

Agricultural education in Canada, by
President J. B. Reynolds, 460.
Agriculture, Discussion on diminishing
returns in, *412.

AIREY (Dr. J. R.), on mathematical tables,


ALBRITTON (Dr. E. C.), Blood sugar
during continuous intravenous in-
jection of glucose, 432, 468 (I 31).
Alkali-chlorine products, Canadian Salt
Co.'s processes for manufacture of, by
D. A. Pritchard, 376, 465 (B 6).
ALLEN (Prof. F.), Visual sensory reflexes,
359, 464 (A 8).

and Dr. A. HOLLENBERG, Tactile
sensory reflex, 433, 468 (I 36).

[merged small][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small]

Prof. H. C. Bazett, 426, 468 (I 6).
Arch centres, Economical design for, by
A. E. Wynn, 416, 467 (G 20).
Architectural acoustics, by Prof. P. E.
Saline, 361, 464 (A 11).
Arctic expedition .

Canadian, by

R. M. Anderson, 408.
Asellus aquaticus, Sex phases in the
female of, by Prof. W. M. Tattersall
and Miss E. M. Sheppard, 397.
ASHBY (Dr. T.), Recent discoveries in
Italy, *418, 467 (H 6).

Roman road system. . ., *418, 467
(H 7).

ASHLEY (Sir W.), Retrospect of free trade
doctrine, 148.

ASTBURY (W. T.), . . . Molecular sym-
366, 464

metry in crystals.
(A 26e).

ATACK (Dr. F. W.), Isomerism of oximes,
*376, 465 (B 4).

Atlantic coast, Circulation of water off
Canadian, by Prof. A. G. Huntsman,

Atlantic Ocean, N., Wind, wave, and
swell on, by Dr. V. Cornish, 407.
Atmospheric discontinuities for practical
and theoretical weather forecasting,
Importance of, by J. Bjerknes, 364,
464 (A 21).

Atmospheric pollution, Automatic
measurement of, by Dr. J. S. Owens,
367, 464 (A 28).

Atoll, An uptilted and bevelled-off, by
Prof. W. M. Davis, 385.

Atomic disintegration, by Sir E. Ruther-
ford, *370, 465 (A 36).

AVELING (Prof. F.), 'Self' in cognition

BAKER (Prof. M. B.), Metallogenesis and
the Pre-Cambrian of Canada, 382.
BALFOUR (H.), . . . Stencilling in the
Fiji Islands

Welfare of Primitive Peoples, *423.
BALY (Prof. E. C. C.) on Photo-synthesis,

BANCROFT (Prof. W. D.), Permeability of
membranes, *378.

Band spectra and their bearing on
structure of molecules, by Prof. J. C.
McLennan, *358.

BARBEAU (C. M.), Crests of a Tsimshian
family. *423.


BARKER (Principal E.), Academic
freedom in Universities, 247.
BARTHOLOMEW (J.), . . . Maps, 405.
BARTON (Prof. H.), Animal breed-

ing in Canada, *462.

BATHER (Dr. F. A.), Habits of some N.
American cystids, 381, 465 (C 6).

on zoological bibliography and publi-
cation, 310.

BAZETT (Prof. H. C.),

Aortic re-
gurgitation in animals, 426, 468 (I 6).
Behavioristic psychology
, by Prof.

A. P. Weiss, *436.

BELL (Dr. J. M.) and Prof. E. THOMPSON,
Keeley Mine, 382, 465 (C 11).
BENEDICT (Mrs. R. F.), Religious com-
plexes of North American Indians, 419.
BERE (Dr. May), Mental differences of
school children of foreign parentage,

BERRY (Prof. R. A.), Chemistry of the
oat crop, *462.

BEST (C. H.) and R. G. SMITH, Effects

of large doses of insulin on dogs, 431.
BEVERIDGE (Sir W.), Business forecasting,

Fall of human fertility . . ., *410.
Binocular vision and correct ocular
by E. C.,

muscle balance

[blocks in formation]

BJERKNES (J.), Importance of atmo-
spheric discontinuities for practical and
theoretical weather forecasting, 364,
464 (A 21).

BJERKNES (Prof. V.), Forces which lift
aeroplanes, 367.

BLACKBURN (Miss K.), Chromosomes and
classification in genera Rosa and Salix,
453, 469 (K 23e).

[ocr errors]

'Black Dot' disease of potato, by Prof.
B. T. Dickson, 452.
BLACKMAN (Prof. V. H.), Physiological
aspects of parasitism, 233.
Blood pressure of rabbits. , by Dr. R.
Dominguez, 426, 468 (I 7).
Blood sugar during continuous intra-
venous injection of glucose, by Dr.
E. C. Albritton, 432, 468 (I 31).
BLOOR (Prof. W. R.), Unsaturated fatty
acids in metabolism, 430.

BONE (Prof. W. A.), Activation of nitro-
gen in explosion of carbon monoxide-
air mixtures. 375, 465 (B 2).
Brown coals and lignites, 377, 465
(B 13d).

BORTHWICK (Dr. A. W.), Cultivation of
Canadian trees in other countries, 454.
BOSWELL (Prof. P. G. H.), . . . Petrology
of sedimentary rocks, 480.
Botryosphæria and Physalospora, Life
history and taxonomic problems in, by
Dr. C. L. Shear, 451.

BOTT (Prof. E. A.), Co-ordinate volitional
action of antagonistic muscular groups,

and S. F. N. CHANT, New method
of stereoscopy, with applications to
motion pictures, 438.

BOWLEY (Prof. A. L.), Economic outlook
in Great Britain, 411.

BOYD (W. H.), Geological Survey's part
in topographical survey of Canada, 406.
BOYLE (Prof. J. E.), Marketing of grain,
*412, 467 (F 106).

BRAGG (Sir W.), Analysis of crystal
structure by X-rays, 34.

BRAGG (Prof. W. L.), Models illustrating
crystal structure, *367.

Relation between crystal structure
and refractive index, 365, 464 (A 26a).

and Prof. S. CHAPMAN, Theoretical
calculation of rhombohedral angle of
calcite, 366, 464 (A 26d).
BRETT (Prof. G. S.), Value of mnemic
psychology for interpretation of dreams
and other phenomena, 436.

Bride of Hades, by Prof. H. J. Rose, 419,
467 (H 11).

BRIDGES (Prof. J. W.), Reconciliation of
current theories of emotion, 435, 469
(J 2).

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CAMERON (D. Roy), Forest fire protection
in Canada, 450.

CAMPBELL (Dr. D. H.), Relationships of
Anthoceratales, *455.

[ocr errors]

by Dr. E. Mac-

Canadian music
Millan, *456.
Canadian University, The, by Sir R.
Falconer, 459.

CANNON (Prof. W. B.) and Dr. A.
QUERIDO, Adrenal secretion in chemical
control of body temperature, 425, 468
(I 3).

Cape Flora, Some aspects of richness of,

by Prof. D. Thoday, 449.

Cape to Cairo progress, by Dr. C. Christy,
408, 466 (E 18).

Carbon dioxide excreted by nerve, by
Prof. G. H. Parker, 433, 468 (I 35).
Carpel, Evolution of the, by Miss E. R.
Saunders, 449.

CARPENTER (Miss K. E.), Biological

factors involved in destruction of river
fisheries by pollution. 403.
Carrier Indian, Ancient education of a,
by D. Jenness, *422.

CATHCART (Prof. E. P.), . . . Mechanical
efficiency of the performance of muscle
work, *436.

[blocks in formation]

Cayman Is.,

Geological survey of,

by Dr. C. A. Matley, 392.
CHALLIES (J. B.), Water-powers of
413, 467 (G 4).
CHAMBERS (Dr. R.), Microdissection
studies on viscosity differences in the
egg during cleavage, 429, 468 (I 18).
Characteristic fossils, Report of Committee
on, 297.

Chemistry and the State, by Sir R.
Robertson, 53.

Chemistry of the oat crop, by Prof. R. A.
Berry, *462.

Chemotherapy. . ., by Dr. H. H. Dale, 211.
China, Distribution of population in, by
Prof. P. M. Roxby, 409, 466 (E 19).
Chloroplasts and other cell-contents at
low temperature, Behaviour of, by
Prof. F. J. Lewis, 449.

CHRISTY (Dr. C.), Cape to Cairo progress,
408, 466 (E 18).

Ciliate, .. Growth and reproduction

rate of a, by D. Ward Cutler and Miss
L. M. Crump, 396.

Civilization and population, by Prof.
R. M. MacIver, *410.

Classics in a secondary school system,
Place of, by Prof. J. L. Myres, 458.
Classics in French secondary schools,
Present position of, by A. H. Hope,

Cleat in coal, Direction of, by Prof. E. S.
Moore, *381.

CLEMENS (Prof. W. A.), Limnobiological
investigation, in Ontario . . ., 401, 466
(D 22).

CLEMENTS (E. C.), Binocular vision and
correct ocular muscle balance.


CLOWES (Dr. G. H. A.), Protoplasmic
structure and function .. *429.
COATES (R. H.), Business forecasting,
*410, 466 (F 2b).

Cobalt magnet steels, by E. A. Watson,
416, 467 (G 18).

Cod-liver oil, by Prof. J. C. Drummond,

CODY (Hon. Dr. H. J.), Administration of
education in Canada, 459.

COKER (Prof. E. G.), Photo-elastic methods
of testing, 313.

COLEMAN (Prof. A. P.), Pleistocene rocks
of Toronto region, 379.

Pre-Cambrian climates, 390.
Raised beaches.

[ocr errors]


Colloids, Discussion on, 378.
Colour-blindness, Temporary, by Dr.
F. W. Edridge-Green, 428.

Colour phenomena caused by intermittent
stimulation with white light, by Prof.
G. N. Stewart, 427, 468 (I 14).
Colour vision, Theories of, by Dr. C.
Ladd-Franklin, 442.

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