Reports of Cases at Law and in Chancery Argued and Determined in the Supreme Court of Illinois, Volume 263

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Página 34 - No railroad corporation shall issue any stock or bonds, except for money, labor or property actually received, and applied to the purposes for which such corporation was created; and all stock dividends, and other fictitious increase of the capital stock or indebtedness of any such corporation, shall be void. The capital stock of no railroad corporation shall be increased for any purpose, except upon giving sixty days' public notice, in such manner as may be provided by law.
Página 365 - The sale, transfer or assignment, in bulk, of any part or the whole of a stock of merchandise, or merchandise and the fixtures pertaining to the conducting of said business, otherwise than in the ordinary course of trade and in the regular and usual prosecution of the business of the seller, transferor or assignor, shall be void as against the creditors of the seller, transferor, assignor, unless the seller.
Página 465 - The judgment of the appellate court and the decree of the circuit court are reversed, and the cause is remanded to the circuit court, with directions to enter a decree in accordance with this opinion.
Página 522 - That the party of the second part shall pay to the party of the first part...
Página 74 - Express malice is that deliberate intention unlawfully to take away the life of a fellow creature, which is manifested by external circumstances, capable of proof. Malice is implied, when no considerable provocation appears, or when all the circumstances of the killing show an abandoned and malignant heart.
Página 135 - The court gave the jury the following instruction : "The court instructs the jury that the opinions of expert witnesses are entitled to such weight as you deem proper to give them.
Página 271 - ... a person of ordinary prudence would exercise under the same, or similar circumstances, — which is expressly declared in O'Neil v.
Página 174 - Administration of the estate of a person dying intestate must be granted to some one or more of the persons hereinafter mentioned, and they are respectively entitled thereto in the following order: "1.
Página 327 - State, except companies and associations organized for purely manufacturing and mercantile purposes, or for either of such purposes, or for the mining and sale of coal or for printing or for the publishing of newspapers or for the improving and breeding of stock, or for the purpose of banking, including any of such property as may have been omitted from assessment in any year or years, or which, from defective description has not paid any taxes for any year or years.
Página 175 - ... administrator, as any executor or administrator might by law in the following cases: 1. Whenever such person dies leaving any assets or effects in the county of Kings, and there is no widow, husband or next of kin entitled to a distributive share in the estate of such intestate, resident in the state, entitled, competent or willing to take out letters of administration on such estate.

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