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Página 1 - Congress, or both, any defense article for the government of any country whose defense the President deems vital to the defense of the United States.
Página 13 - ... a meeting to be held at Moscow, to which we would send high representatives who could discuss these matters directly with you. If this conference appeals to you, we want you to know that pending the decisions of that conference we shall continue to send supplies and material as rapidly as possible.
Página 12 - ... nations which threaten, or may threaten, aggression outside of their frontiers, they believe, pending the establishment of a wider and permanent system of general security, that the disarmament of such nations is essential. They will likewise aid and encourage all other practicable measures which will lighten for peaceloving peoples the crushing burden of armaments.
Página 6 - All right. And now here is a nation called Japan. Whether they had at that time aggressive purposes to enlarge their empire southward, they didn't have any oil of their own up in the north. Now, if we cut the oil off, they probably would have gone down to the Dutch East Indies a year ago, and you would have had war.
Página 8 - Board shall perform the following functions and duties: a. Advise the President as to economic defense measures to be taken or functions to be performed which are essential to the effective defense of the Nation. b. Coordinate the policies and actions of the several departments and agencies carrying on activities relating to economic defense in order to assure unity and balance in the application of such measures. c. Develop integrated economic defense plans and programs for coordinated action by...
Página 8 - Make investigations and advise the President on the relationship of economic defense (as defined in paragraph 1) measures to post-war economic reconstruction and on the steps to be taken to protect the trade position of the United States and to expedite the establishment of sound, peacetime international economic relationships.
Página 9 - For the same reason substantial forces of the United States have now been sent to the bases acquired last year from Great Britain in Trinidad and in British Guiana in the south in order to forestall any pincers movement undertaken by Germany against the Western Hemisphere.
Página 13 - We are at the moment co-operating to provide you with the very maximum of supplies that you most urgently need.
Página 8 - economic defense," whenever used in this Order, means the conduct, in the interest of national defense, of international economic activities including those relating to exports, imports, the acquisition and disposition of materials and commodities from foreign countries including preclusive buying, transactions in foreign exchange and foreign-owned or foreign-controlled property, international investments and extensions of credit, shipping and transportation of goods among countries, the international...
Página 13 - ... policy, since there is still a long and hard path to be traversed before there can be won that complete victory without which our efforts and sacrifices would be wasted. The war goes on upon many fronts, and before it is over there may be yet further fighting fronts that will be developed.

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