The Black Landed Gentry of Montgomery County

AuthorHouse, 2004 - 148 páginas
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Feel the warmth of the South, the love the farmers had for their land, children, neighbors and friends by stepping back into the past of the 1930's and 40's. See how the farmers, their wives, and children lived when tobacco was king. Laugh at the humor. Sit in their church during Sunday services and feel the inspiration. Experience life before radio and television; find out how tobacco was cured; and the impact of Camp Campbell, now Fort Campbell, Kentucky, on this community.

Learn why the farmers were respected and the coexistence of blacks and whites when racial tensions ran rampant in other areas. Learn about the economic interdependence of Montgomery County and Camp Campbell, written in an engaging, informative flowing style.

The black farmers in Woodlawn, Tennessee formed an isolated enclave of hard working families who worked their land and worshipped together in a church that was the core of their community. American students should know the rich history of that era.

The author's grandfather was a black farmer in Woodlawn. She has first-hand knowledge of farm life since she was born on his farm and lived in the community the first five years of her life.

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