More Light from the Book

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Book Summary More Light From The Book is a sequel to reverend George Johnson's first publication Light From The Book that expounds on the scriptures that clearly demonstrate clean and honest living before our Lord. More Light From The Book helps Christians discover the secret to maintaining strength and faith in the word of God when we are in the midst of any battle, whether it is failing health, unpleasant people, or the lack of financial resources. The answers to anyone's problems can be found in the number of scriptures from which Reverend Johnson elucidates his themes. More Light From The Book is a verse-by-verse study of various scriptures from the Bible that can be used as an excellent tool for home Bible study with family and friends. The Bible teaches us that Christians must live one day at a time, be doers of Gods word, and live by faith, which equips Christians with the knowledge that faith in God's blessings to us is a way of life. In this powerful book, Reverend Johnson reveals through the scriptures that by taking one day at a time, we can reduce stress, worry, and anxiety in our lives when we rely on the unchanging word of God to provide our every need on a daily basis. When individuals take one day at a time, they will not have to worry about their daily sustenance. Christians need to consider repotting for growth; as Sarah Ban Bratnach explains: "When we can't visualize or dream. When we can't remember the last time we laughed. When we have absolutely nothing in the next twenty-four hours to look forward to. When this happens, week in, and week out, we need to realize that we're pot-bound. We need to gently loosen the soil around our souls, and find something that brings a smile or a giddy lilt to our lives." For this reason, More Light From the Book gives us roots and room to grow. Reverend Johnson's abundant offering of scriptures can help Christians root, bud, and bear silent witness to a revitalized spirit.

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