Annual Report of the President of Harvard University to the Overseers on the State of the University for the Academic Year ...

University Press, 1853
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Página 31 - Commonwealth, every denomination of Christians shall be equally under the protection of the law, and that no subordination of any one sect or denomination to another shall ever be established by law...
Página 38 - Rev. George R. Noye^s, DD, Hancock Professor of Hebrew and other Oriental Languages, and Dexter Lecturer on Sacred Literature ; the Rev.
Página 6 - ... the borrower be a graduate or undergraduate, the Library Committee shall oblige him to replace it as soon as possible, with one of equal value ; or they may punish him by fine or otherwise ; and if such volume be part of a set, the borrower shall be obliged to replace the whole set, or be punished, as above ; and until this be done, he shall not be allowed to borrow any other book.
Página 45 - D. Huntington, DD, Preacher to the University and Plummer Professor of Christian Morals.
Página 36 - ... and there is no power, at least none here, to alter that foundation, with a view to any superior benefit which might arise from an institution of a different nature, however desirable it might be, if it were within the scope of my authority, to substitute the one for the other.
Página 13 - Again, in his report for 1851-52, he remarks: " The voluntary system, as it is called, is still retained to a certain extent, rather from necessity than preference." At the moment of the downfall of the elective system at Harvard, as will be seen in the section upon the third quarter of the nineteenth century, Brown University took it up in a radical form. Reference to the appropriate later chapters of this bulletin will show that this was the period of the organization...
Página 32 - ... be given to the serious, impartial, and unbiassed investigation of Christian truth, and that no assent to the peculiarities of any denomination of Christians be required either of the instructors or students.
Página 4 - If any undergraduate desires to borrow a book, which is lent out of the Library, he may leave his name and the title of the book with the Librarian, and when the book shall be returned, the Librarian shall reserve it for the person so applying ; provided he call for it at his next time of receiving books from the Library.
Página 15 - The income of this wise and liberal endowment is to be " expended in the purchase of books in the Greek and Latin languages, and in books in other languages illustrating Greek and Latin books.
Página 4 - ... every book, when lent, shall have a paper cover on it, which shall be returned undefaced with the book. And the Librarian shall keep a fair and regular account, in a book, of the name of the person borrowing or returning, the time of doing it, the title, size, number of pages, prints, if any, book, and its place in the Library; which account shall be signed by the borrower. But when any of the Corporation or Overseers shall not be able to attend personally to sign the Librarian's account book,...

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