Except for the Grace

Trafford Publishing, 2005 - 398 páginas
In times where truth and certainty are lacking and the average person is filled with fear, anguish, and despair, no one should be shamefaced in attempting to genuinely give back to society and to the world, through their work for Christ, a portion of their lost heart to others only through out Lord and Savior.
Moreover, this book can help anyone who is experiencing sadness or despair we cannot name. Even though individuals try to accomplish much of what they set out to do, they sense that something is missing in their lives and they fruitlessly search for answers, many times in the wrong places. What's often missing, as my book indicates, is that individuals are disconnected from an authentic sense of self and that authenticity can only come through our lives connected with Christ through his teachings who was our greatest example. Consequently, individuals need to see and read about others who have followed Christ's example.
What makes this book stand out from all other titles currently on the market is that so many individuals, with whom I have come in contact, want me to put my story in writing because they have discovered that their own lives parallel what I have experienced. They want to hear about my life and other lives to whom I have witnessed the Gospel; and how Christ has taken them from the pit to the palace, because they have faithfully followed Him and the blessing that came as result of trying to live by what He taught. Of course, like other books, many indiviuals want to hear the unvarnished truth about my spiritual journey along the ever-twisting slippery trail of life.
The author believes that all communications should either educated or entertain. To doboth takes a bit of ingenuity. That's what I have attempted to do in this book.
To paraphrase an unknown source: When we take time to record memories, journal our prayers, and write down our thoughts, we truly give ourselves a gift to opened over and over agian for others and ourselves. We can recall times of laughter, be encouraged by God's faithfulness in difficult situations, and feel a sense of comfort by expressing and managing the emotions He has given to us. It feels good to revisit the joys and even the struggles in our lives, because God is working in us and building our trust and strength through every circumstance. We never outgrow His gentle and wise instruction. We never graduate from the learning process of knowing how to call on God during difficult times. With this said, I have tried to write a story that informs individuals that there is a time for every season. God does not want us to live such a pious life that we cannot enjoy the fruits of His blessings. When individuals hear the story of an average unsung person like myself who has come through difficult times and actually experience devastating historical events and trusted God to see me through, they would be able to appreciate a life that is sensitive to their own.
To nutshell how this book will appeal to others, I have shared this information verbally, but now many individuals want it in writing so they can engage in cognitive deliberation about its contents. As Joseph Murphy says it so plainly, "There is a gold mine within you from which you can extract everything you need to live life gloriously, joyously, abundantly. If we are first true to God, true to ouselves, and true to others, God will alwaysprovide us with spiritual mentors who can help us live life gloriously, joyously, and abundantly. However, we cannot help others, if we have not experienced difficulty ourselves."
The book is targeted toward everyone and anyone, no matter their station in life. The way things are going today in society and in the world, everyone needs to know that God is God and he still rules and reigns in the kingdoms of men. Everyone needs to know that no matter how rich or how poor they are dissters are colorblind, age blind, gender blind, and socio-economic status blind, and they can know that God can use anyone He so pleases to tell them about His love and concern for them.
This book can benefit anyone with an open mind to the truth.

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