Guide to the U.S. Supreme Court, Volume 2

CQ Press, 2004 - 1341 páginas
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This classic reference explains everything readers need to know about the Supreme Court, from its origins and how it functions, to the people who have shaped it and the impact of its decisions on American life. The new fourth edition (revised and updated through 2003) includes recent events, cases and controversies that have molded a distinct legacy for the Rehnquist Court: from the firestorm over Bush v. Gore, the landmark gay-rights decision in Lawrence v. Texas, and the recent University of Michigan affirmative action decisions, to the rejuvenation of states rights, the Rehnquist Court has rewritten Supreme Court history. Guide to the U.S. Supreme Court covers the Court's entire history; its operations; its power in relation to other branches of government; major decisions affecting the other branches, the states, individual rights and liberties; and biographies of the justices. Appendixes provide additional information on the Court such as the Judiciary Acts of 1789 and 1925 and a list of Acts of Congress found by the Court to be unconstitutional. New cases include: McConnell v. Federal Election Commission (2003), Grutter v. Bollinger (2003), Lawrence v. Texas (2003), United States v. American Library Association Inc. (2003), Bush v. Gore (2000), Boy Scouts of America v. Dale (2000), Clinton v. City of New York (1998), Clinton v. Jones (1997), City of Boerne V. Flores (1997). The Guide also covers changes in Supreme Court's approach to religious freedom, the Rehnquist Court's legacy and the rejuvenation of federalism and state sovereignty. The power to investigate -- The power over internal affairs -- 5. The Court and the powers of the president : Article II -- The Commander in Chief -- The architect of foreign policy -- The president as executive -- The power to veto and to pardon -- Privilege and immunity -- The president versus the Court -- 6. The Court and judicial power : Article III -- Federal jurisdiction -- Federal judicial power -- Judicial restraint -- 7. The Court and the states -- Judicial review and the states -- The states and the economy -- The states and the individual -- The state as sovereign -- Interstate relations -- pt. III. The Court and the individual -- 8. The Court and the individual -- A narrow base, 1789-1865 -- The Civil War Amendments -- Freedom for ideas -- Political rights -- Equality before the law -- Fundamental fairness -- 9. Freedom for ideas : the First Amendment and the right to believe, to speak, to assemble, to petition, and to publish -- Freedom of speech -- Freedom of the press -- Freedom of religion -- 10. The rights of political participation -- Fair elections and the right to vote -- The right to an equal vote -- Freedom of political association -- 11. Crime and punishment -- A fair trial -- Search and seizure -- Self-incrimination -- The aid of legal counsel -- Double jeopard -- Cruel and unusual punishment -- 12. Equal rights and personal liberties -- Racial equality -- Equal protection : the alien and the poor -- Sex discrimination -- Liberty and privacy.

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