The Domestic Mining Industry of the United States in World War II: A Critical Study of the Economic Mobilization of the Mineral Base of National Power

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1949 - 500 páginas
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Página 473 - Coal, in Mineral Position of the United States: Hearings before a subcommittee of the Committee on Public Lands, US Senate, 80th Cong., 1st sess., pp.
Página 191 - Strategic materials are those essential to national defense, for the supply of which in war dependence must be placed in whole, or in substantial part, on sources outside the continental limits of the United States; and for which strict conservation and distribution control measures will be necessary.
Página 192 - Board list are defined as comprising "those strategic and critical materials for which stock piling is deemed necessary to insure an adequate supply for a future emergency (a) primarily because of a dependence on foreign sources of supply or (6) primarily because of the lack of the means for obtaining adequate domestic production to meet emergency needs.
Página 192 - Strategic and critical materials are those materials required for essential uses in a war emergency, the procurement of which in adequate quantities, quality, and time is sufficiently uncertain for any reason to require prior provision for the supply thereof.
Página 418 - The fulfillment of requirements for the defense of the United States has created a shortage in the supply of ammunition for defense, for private account, and for export ; and the following order is deemed necessary and appropriate in the public interest and to promote the national defense: § 3287.21 ' Limitation Order L-286 — (a) Definitions. For the purposes of this order: (1) "Person...
Página 156 - War, the Assistant Secretary of War, under the direction of the Secretary of War, shall be charged with supervision of the procurement of all military supplies and other business of the War Department pertaining thereto and the assurance of adequate provision for the mobilization of materiel and industrial organizations essential to wartime needs.
Página 192 - A may be acquired in the manner prescribed for group B. Materials in all three groups are subject to constant surveillance and review. Additions to, or deletions from, the list, or movement of materials between groups, may be made, based upon future changes in their strategic and critical status.
Página 380 - Department of Geology, Mines and Water Resources The Johns Hopkins University Baltimore 18, Maryland MICHIGAN Geological Survey Division Department of Conservation Stevens T.
Página 431 - Any person who wilfully violates any provision of this Order, or who, in connection with this Order, wilfully conceals a material fact or furnishes false information to any department or agency of the United States is guilty of a crime, and upon conviction, may be punished by fine or imprisonment. In addition, any such person may be prohibited from making or obtaining further deliveries of, or from processing or using, material under priority control and may be deprived of priorities assistance.
Página 194 - 2" comprises those Strategic and Critical Materials that are not recommended for stockpile purchase but offer supply problems which will require either further study before a final determination can be made on stockpiling or other action to assure adequate supplies in a future emergency.

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