The Mind: A User's Manual

Wiley, 29/08/2006 - 302 páginas
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Our minds are subtle, beautiful and complex things. John Taylor explores how the mind works and shows us how to understand ourselves, how we can develop our minds to their full potential and how to keep them running smoothly.

'Based on his sustained scientific investigations, John Taylor takes us on a fascinating and erudite journey of what it is that our minds do for us. This is an important addition to the library of anyone who has pondered how the brain conjures up our every thinking moment'.

Igor Alexander, Professor in Neutral Systems Engineering, Imperial College, University of London

'The book is such a fascinating, daring, gentle and thoughtful work that when you finish it it's like losing a friend or a dear child leaving home... I can only try to convey some of the emotional enjoyment, coupled with a sense of discovery. I felt while reading it... John Taylor's mind really does reach out to so many people, young, middle-aged and old'.

Nicolas Roeg, Film Director

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Professor Taylor has been working on consciousness and the mind for many years and has investigated the paranormal, brain imaging, and neural network modeling of brain regions. He is Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at King’s College London and is on the Board of Governors of the International Neural Network Society.

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