The Architect's Law Manual

Pencil points Press, Incorporated, 1924 - 253 páginas
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Página 205 - Art. 3, no claim for delay shall be allowed on account of failure to furnish drawings until two weeks after demand for such drawings and not then unless such claim be reasonable. This Article does not exclude the recovery of damages for delay by either party under Article 39 or other provisions in the contract documents.
Página 204 - Neither the final payment nor any part of the the retained percentage shall become due until the Contractor, if required, shall deliver to the Owner a complete release of all liens arising out of this contract, or receipts in full in lieu thereof and, if required in either case, an affidavit that so far as he has knowledge or information the releases and receipts include all the labor and material for which a lien could be filed...
Página 202 - He shall deposit any money received from insurance in an account separate from all his other funds and he shall distribute it in accordance with such agreement as the parties in interest may reach, or under an award of arbitrators appointed, one by the Owner, another by joint action of the other parties in interest, all other procedure being in accordance with Art. 45. If after loss no special agreement is made, replacement of injured work shall be ordered under Art. 24. The Trustee shall have power...
Página 215 - To make all claims for extras, for extensions of time and for damages for delays or otherwise, to the Contractor in the manner provided in the General Conditions for like claims by the Contractor upon the Owner, except that the time for making claims for extra cost is one week.
Página 216 - To pay the Subcontractor on demand for his work or materials as far as executed and fixed in place, less the retained percentage, at the time the certificate should issue, even though the Architect fails to issue it for any cause not the fault of the Subcontractor.
Página 238 - Work, and will endeavor to guard the Owner against defects and deficiencies in the Work of the Contractor.
Página 196 - THIS AGREEMENT made the day of in the year Nineteen Hundred and by and between hereinafter called the Contractor, and — hereinafter called the Owner, WITNESSETH, that the Contractor and the Owner for the considerations hereinafter named agree as follows: ARTICLE 1.
Página 201 - ... or not, and the contractor shall promptly replace and re-execute his own work in accordance with the contract and without expense to the owner and shall bear the expense of making good all work of other contractors destroyed or damaged by such removal or replacement. If the contractor does not...
Página 208 - Article 45 of the General Conditions, the person nominated by the Subcontractor if the sole cause of dispute is the work, materials, rights or responsibilities of the Subcontractor; or, if of the Subcontractor and any other Subcontractor jointly, to name as such arbitrator the person upon whom they agree. The Contractor and the Subcontractor agree that...
Página 206 - Contractor neglect to prosecute the work properly, or fail to perform any provision of the contract, the Owner, after seven days...

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