Amending the Taylor Grazing Act: Hearing Before the Committee on Public Lands and Surveys, United States Senate, Seventy-sixth Congress, Third Session ... February 28, 1940

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1940 - 30 páginas

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Página 30 - ... and to make such expenditures as it deems advisable. The cost of stenographic services to report such hearings shall not be in excess of 25 cents per hundred words. The expenses of the committee, which shall not exceed $5,000, shall be paid from the contingent fund of the Senate upon vouchers approved by the chairman of the committee.
Página 29 - Resolved, That the Committee on the Judiciary, or any duly authorized subcommittee thereof, is authorized and directed to make a full and complete study and investigation...
Página 13 - Provided further. That nothing in this act shall be construed or administered in any way to diminish or impair any right to the possession and use of water for mining, agriculture, manufacturing, or other purposes which has heretofore vested or accrued under existing law validly affecting the public lands or which may be hereafter initiated or acquired and maintained in accordance with such law.
Página 30 - For the purposes of this resolution the committee, or any duly authorized subcommittee thereof, is authorized to hold such hearings, to sit and act at such...
Página 30 - For the purposes of this resolution, the committee, or any duly authorized subcommittee thereof, is authorized to employ upon a temporary basis such technical, clerical, and other assistants, as it deems advisable, and...
Página 14 - Klein against said plaintiffs, as such governor, comptroller, and treasurer, in the district court of the Second judicial district of the state of Nevada, in and for the county of...
Página 13 - Such permits shall be for a period of not more than 10 years, subject to the preference right of the permittees to renewal in the discretion of the Secretary of the Interior, who shall specify from time to time numbers of stock and seasons of use.
Página 29 - ... there has been interference with the established principles relating to supervision of the livestock industry which have long been applied by governmental bureaus and agencies charged with administering public lands...
Página 1 - UNITED STATES SENATE, COMMITTEE ON PUBLIC LANDS AND SURVEYS, Washington, DC The committee met, pursuant to call, at 2.30 pm, in the committee room, Capitol, Senator Gerald P.
Página 7 - The CHAIRMAN. Are there any other questions by members of the committee ? Mr. ANOELL. Mr. Black, have you heard of any opposition to the project? Mr. BLACK. None, sir. Mr. CHESNEY. Mr. Chairman? The CHAIRMAN.

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