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Página 126 - This act shall be liberally construed to the end that its purpose may be carried out, to wit : that the care, custody, and discipline of a child shall approximate, as nearly as may be, that which should be given by its parents...
Página 38 - The Governor shall have power to disapprove of any item or items of any bill, making appropriations of money, embracing distinct items, and the part or parts of the bill approved shall be the law, and the item or items of appropriation disapproved shall be void, unless repassed according to the rules and limitations prescribed for the passage of other bills over the Executive veto.
Página 30 - ... shall be presented to the governor, and before it shall take effect, be approved by him, or being disapproved, shall be re-passed by two-thirds of both houses, according to the rules and limitations prescribed in case of a bill.
Página 271 - In each State entitled under this apportionment, the number to which such State may he entitled in the Fifty-eighth and each subsequent Congress shall be elected by districts composed of contiguous and compact territory and containing as nearly as practicable an equal number of inhabitants.
Página 462 - The presiding officer of each House shall, in the presence of the House over which he presides, sign all bills and joint resolutions passed by the General Assembly, after their titles have been publicly read immediately before signing ; and the fact of signing shall be entered on the journal.
Página 62 - Except as to railroad and other quasi public corporations, in case of debts so secured, the value of the property affected by such mortgage, deed of trust, contract, or obligation, less the value of such security, shall be assessed to the owner of the property, and the value of such security shall be assessed and taxed to the owner thereof, in the county, city, or district in which the property affected thereby is situate.
Página 66 - ... all property subject to taxation shall be taxed in proportion to its value.
Página 846 - ... the Legislature may regulate and fix the wages or salaries, the hours of work or labor, and make provision for the protection, welfare and ARTICLE XII — Continued. safety of persons employed by the State or by any county, city, town, village or other civil division of the State, or by any contractor or subcontractor performing work, labor or services for the State, or for any county, city , town, village or other civil division thereof.
Página 811 - ... incumbent of any office or position under the constitution or laws, or under any ordinance of any town or municipality, of this state, or to any person at the request or for the advantage of all or any of them, any free pass or frank, or any privilege withheld from any person, for the traveling accommodation or transportation of any person or property, or the transmission of any message or communication.
Página 209 - ... in the absence of fraud in the transaction the judgment of the directors as to the value of the property purchased shall be conclusive...

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