Once Upon A Time: Using Story-Based Activities to Develop Breakthrough Communication Skills

John Wiley & Sons, 30/06/2007 - 200 páginas
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Terence Gargiulo's 'breakthrough' communications and storytelling are amply demonstrated with dozens of corporate examples. And the best part? Gargiulo shows us, step by step, how to create this storytelling communication magic in our own organizations. The competencies assessed by the instrument represent the nine essential communication behaviors that need to be developed and cultivated in all of today’s leaders and managers: Modeling, Telling, Selecting, Indexing, Synthesizing, Reflecting, Eliciting, Listening and Observing.

Once Upon a Time will show you how to develop exceptional communication skills, and it will serve as an invaluable resource for helping others do the same. Stories are a natural part of how we communicate. Yet many of us are unaware of the different ways we use stories. This book will take the intuitive aspects of communicating through stories and break it down into repeatable practices and essential competencies. The story-based activities in the second half of the book will give you powerful, easy to lead, structured, experiential exercises that can be used in a variety of settings and for lots of different purposes that go beyond training.

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ActivityRelated Materials
StoryBased Techniques and Tools for Developing
Sense Making and Stories
Communication Skills
recent stories and reflect on themrelate stories to topics being discussedand provide learning prompts to expand debriefing discussion and visit multip...
perspectives with storiespractice entering other peoples frames of reference
Newspaper and magazine articles are used to help people experience how sto
A specially designed brainstorming tool for stories is used to help people dis
Scrap booking techniques are used to create a conversation piece to encourage
A threeminute sound byte is used to create a space of listening that helps peo
Communication is broken down into three channels to develop stronger active
This chapter deals with the mechanics of storytelling It begins with some tips
The Power of Stories Is in the Listening
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About the Author

Significant personal objects are used to create a safe and fun vehicle for people
Mission statements are used to trigger stories and connectionsincrease aware

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Terrence L. Gargiulo is a management consultant, organization development specialist and facilitator based in Monterey, California. He leads unique workshops where participants become more skilled communicators through the use of story-based activities.

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