Proceedings of the conference for good city government and the annual meeting of the national municipal league

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Página 123 - ... every charter shall designate the officers who shall, respectively, perform the acts and duties required of county officers to be done by the constitution or by the general law, as far as applicable.
Página 170 - ... charter and ordinances of the city of Denver as the same shall exist when this amendment takes effect, shall, for the time being only, and as far as applicable, be the charter and ordinances of the city and county of Denver...
Página 244 - ... frailest in nature ; but he is a reed that thinks. It needs not that the whole universe should arm to crush him. He dies from an exhalation, from a drop of water. But should the universe conspire to crush him, man would still be nobler than that by which he falls ; for he knows that he dies; and of the victory which the universe has over him, the universe knows nothing. Thus our whole dignity consists in thought. .... Let us labor, then, to think aright ; this is the foundation of morality.
Página 174 - ... paramount while in force to the provisions relating to the same matter included in the local charter herein provided for.
Página 194 - to compile and publish annually an abstract of the main features of the official statistics of the cities of the United States having over 30,000 inhabitants.
Página 283 - The system as it is actually administered results -in debauching the moral sense. It is a school of perjury.
Página 290 - The tax on Government stock is thought by this court to be a tax on the contract, a tax on the power to borrow money on the credit of the United States, and consequently to be repugnant to the Constitution.
Página 156 - Buildings may be required by the Board to appoint janitors and engineers from the list obtained by such examination. He shall appoint such assistants and deputies as may be authorized by the Board of Education, whose compensation shall be fixed by the Board...

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