Abuses of Veterans' Administration Outpatient Program: Report of the General Accounting Office on the Ability of Veterans to Pay for Hospitilization Involving Non-service-connected Disabilities, Partes 1-2

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1956 - 275 páginas
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Página 158 - ... the statement under oath of the applicant * * * shall be accepted as sufficient evidence of inability to defray necessary expenses." 4. If a veteran-applicant for hospitalization signs the oath of inability to pay contained in VA Form...
Página 79 - If I can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to call on me.
Página 130 - I certify that the above bill is correct and Just and that payment therefor has not been received.
Página 154 - Form 10-P-10 is designed to protect applicants for hospitalization, and veterans generally, from charges of "chiseling" on the Government by signing a false statement of inability to defray the necessary expenses of hospital or domiciliary care. 2. Use of this addendum should cause each applicant for hospitalization to focus his attention on his financial status, and thereby give him a clearer understanding of the propriety of signing the oath of inability to pay. To assist him in determining his...
Página 132 - Is not listed, charge at rate of the average of the 2 nearest quantities given. INSTRUCTIONS 1. Above prices are average and subject to modification where dose varies or where one or more ingredients are very expensive. In general, when the cost (1) of the amount used of any ingredient (2) equals or exceeds one-fifth of the schedule price add the cost of the amount used of such ingredient, to the schedule price.
Página 132 - Ingredient" does not include vehicle. No increase in price should be made for cost of vehicle unless such cost equals or exceeds \', of schedule price. In such cases add И the cost of the amount (of vehicle) used to the schedule price. (3) "Size" where more than 1 size is listed base price on cost of size nearest to quantity dispensed.
Página 40 - Hon. Olin E. Teague, Chairman, Committee on Veterans' Affairs, House Office Building, Washington, DC Deae Me.
Página 22 - Hon. OLIN E. TEAGUE, Chairman, Committee on Veterans' Affairs, House Office Building, Washington, DC DEAR...
Página 122 - State fee schedule, and to add additional fees when found to be necessary, provided such fees are not in excess of those customarily charged the general public, in the community concerned, for the same service.
Página 97 - Reference is made to your letter of April 30, 1956, with which you enclosed HR 10478. We appreciate the opportunity to comment on this bill, with the intent of which we are in complete accord. Since you requested us to be frank in our comments, we wish to suggest that the proposed bill overlooks...

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