Use of Laboratory Animals in Biomedical and Behavioral Research

National Academies Press, 01/02/1988 - 112 páginas
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Scientific experiments using animals have contributed significantly to the improvement of human health. Animal experiments were crucial to the conquest of polio, for example, and they will undoubtedly be one of the keystones in AIDS research. However, some persons believe that the cost to the animals is often high. Authored by a committee of experts from various fields, this book discusses the benefits that have resulted from animal research, the scope of animal research today, the concerns of advocates of animal welfare, and the prospects for finding alternatives to animal use. The authors conclude with specific recommendations for more consistent government action.


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Introduction 12
Patterns of Animal Use 18
Benefits Derived from the Use of Animals 27
Alternative Methods in Biomedical and Behavioral Research 38
Regulatory Issues 47
Use of Pound Animals 64
References 75
Individual Statements by Members of the Committee 81
Report of the National Academy of Sciences 89
Invited Speakers at Committee Meetings 96
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