Eizenstat Report And Related Issues Concerning U.s. And Allied Efforts To Restore Gold And Other Assets Looted By Nazis During Wwii: Hearing Before The Committee On Banking And Financial Services, U.s. House Of Representatives

James A. Leach
DIANE Publishing, 1999 - 313 páginas
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Hearing on: the theft of assets from Jewish people in Europe & how the Nazis laundered these assets through the world banking system in an effort to gain an edge in the war; how the Third Reich financed its war machine with gold seized from central banks in occupied countries; & the postwar attempts to negotiate & carry out agreements to recover & restore to the rightful owners assets plundered by the Nazis, or placed in non-German banks for safekeeping. Witnesses include members of several foreign governments & universities, including: Argentina, Portugal, Spain, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Israel, & Switzerland, Jewish organizations & American academia.

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Página 212 - Inter-Allied Declaration against acts of dispossession committed in territories under enemy occupation or control, signed at London on January 5th, 1943.
Página 277 - The Swedish Government will make available 50 million kronor to the Inter-Governmental Committee on Refugees for use in rehabilitation and resettlement of non-repatriable victims of German action. You may rest assured that my Government, while reserving its decision as to the manner in which the funds will be made available, will use its best efforts to make the funds available as soon as possible and in such manner as to best carry out the aims of the Committee.
Página 212 - Accordingly, the Governments making this Declaration and the French National Committee reserve all their rights to declare invalid any transfers of, or dealings with, property, rights and interests of any description whatsoever which are, or have been, situated in the territories which have come under the occupation or control, direct or indirect, of the Governments with which they are at war, or which belong, or have belonged, to persons (including juridical persons) resident in such territories.
Página 273 - No property or interest therein of Germany, Japan, or any national of either such country vested in or transferred to any officer or agency of the Government at any time after December 17, 1941, pursuant to the provisions of this Act, shall be returned to former owners thereof or their successors in interest, and the United States shall not pay compensation for any such property or interest...
Página 202 - Germany should be prevailed upon by all suitable means to recognize the reasons of justice and of international security policy which motivate the Powers exercising supreme authority in Germany...
Página 221 - Germany, 50 percent shall accrue to the Swiss Government and 50 percent shall be placed at the disposal of the Allies for the rehabilitation of countries devastated or depleted by the war, including the sending of supplies to famine stricken people. 2. The Government of Switzerland undertakes to place at the disposal of the three Allied Governments the amount of 250,000,000 Swiss francs payable on demand in gold in New York.
Página 272 - ... to at least a small extent, the German state should make some reparation to the victims of Nazidom. This principle has been at the heart of declarations and conferences. But, despite the moral *B,A. 1935, University of Michigan; LL.B. 1938, LL.M. 1939, Harvard Law School. Member of the Illinois and District of Columbia bars. Formerly Assistant Legal Adviser, Department of State.
Página 232 - ... 1046/274 External Assets FO 1046/434 Banking Matters - Miscellaneous (Part I) FO 1046/582 Safeguarding Foreign Interests in Germany FO 1046/599 Restitution of Property Formerly belonging to Allied Nationals, subject to discriminatory measures FO 942/1 12 Restitution FO 942/1 13 Restitution ANNEX A TRIPARTITE COMMISSION FOR THE RESTITUTION OF MONETARY GOLD The Establishment of the Commission The Commission had its origins in the Paris Conference on Reparation of 1945 attended by the Representatives...
Página 211 - with all due respect . . .": JPK to FDR, March 11, 1938, quoted in DM, Ch. 3, p. 6. 519 had announced a plebiscite: DM, Ch. 3, p. 1; William L. Shirer, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich (1959), p. 334. 519 "I believe it was God's will . . .": Hitler quoted in William L. Shirer, loc. cit, p. 394. 520 "The hard fact is . . .": Quoted ibid., p. 353. 520 "Mussolini, I will never forget this . . .": DM, Ch. 3, p. 2. 520 "For the first few weeks . . .": William L. Shirer, loc. cit., p. 351. 520 Phone...

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