The Hidden Souls of Words

Worthy Shorts, 2012 - 226 páginas
"The words we use every day have an astounding impact on our world. They are the basic building blocks of history, culture and simple conversation. They are the symbols that convey our thoughts, feelings and intentions. And each and every word has layers of meaning and nuance, acquired over centuries of human development, growth and migration, which comprise that word's “soul.” The Hidden Souls of Words explores a new frontier by revealing the hidden wisdom found in the ancient souls of words. In the process, author Mary Cox Garner illustrates the fascinating histories behind each word and shows how words are symbols of divine wisdom meant to link us with God and one another, transcending all ideologies. Renowned author and lecturer Deepak Chopra described this book as “open(ing) the window in the soul in order to awaken the dormant and hidden potential in all of us.” Read this beautiful yet groundbreaking piece of writing and find out why such highly esteemed thinkers as Deepak Chopra and Archbishop Desmond Tutu found it to be a work of profound vision. Hidden Souls of Words will change your life!"

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The Hidden Souls of Words: Keys to Transformation Through the Power of Words

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Armed with impressive blurbs from the likes of Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Marianne Williamson, Garner's book is an intriguing hybrid of established types, the guided meditation and word lover's list ... Ler crítica na íntegra

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Acerca do autor (2012)

Mary Garner has pursued many avenues of study, including religious and theological studies, clinical psychology, and international law. Diverse interests and the overarching desire to be of service have led, among other pursuits, to human rights advocacy, counseling, disarmament negotiating, and global efforts of interfaith cooperation and peace-building. Her own near death experience, and later the disabling injury of a son caused by a drunk driver, led her to explore the spiritual meaning, or souls, of words.In 1995, Mary established a foundation, HOPE, INC., which addresses both the material and spiritual needs of children and their caregivers. She lives with her husband in Washington, D.C., and has three grown sons.

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