Cancer Insurance and the Elderly: Joint Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Antitrust, Monopoly, and Business Rights of the Committee on the Judiciary, United States Senate and Select Committee on Aging, House of Representatives, Ninety-sixth Congress, Second Session, Parte 2

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1980
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Página 442 - The business of insurance, and every person engaged therein, shall be subject to the laws of the several States which relate to the regulation or taxation of such business.
Página 8 - Senator Hatch. OPENING STATEMENT OF SENATOR HATCH Senator HATCH. Thank you, Mr. Chairman. I compliment you for holding these hearings and trying to enlighten us in the particular areas.
Página 193 - ... while trying to maintain the family, proves to be an incredible drain and strain, both financially and emotionally. Our strong position on the need for coverage for a broad variety of home-based services is supported not only by our lengthy experience, but also by our research study, published in 1973, "THE IMPACT, COSTS AND CONSEQUENCES OF CATASTROPHIC ILLNESS ON PATIENTS AND FAMILIES.
Página 558 - ... shall have the same rights thereunder as they had under the policy immediately before the due date of the defaulted premium, subject to any provisions endorsed hereon or attached hereto in connection with the reinstatement. Any premium accepted in connection with a reinstatement shall be applied to a period for which premium has not been previously paid, but not to any period more than sixty days prior to the date of reinstatement.
Página 301 - Hospital Confinement Indemnity Coverage . . . pays a fixed amount for each day you are hospitalized up to a designated number of days. Some coverage may have added benefits such as surgical benefits or skilled nursing home confinement benefits. Premiums do not ordinarily increase, but the fixed benefits do not rise to meet increasing costs of hospitalization.
Página 240 - As required by the Code of Ethics of the American Association for Public Opinion Research, we will maintain the anonymity of our respondents. No information can be released that in any way will reveal the identity of a respondent. Also, our authorization is required for any publication of the research findings or their implications. Caravan Surveys, a division of Opinion Research Corporation, is a syndicated, share-cost data collection vehicle.
Página 207 - Nothing in this chapter shall apply to (a) transactions or actions otherwise permitted under laws as administered by any regulatory board or officer acting under statutory authority of the commonwealth...
Página 82 - ... shall be sufficiently complete and clear to avoid deception or the capacity or tendency to mislead or deceive. Whether an advertisement has a capacity or tendency to mislead...
Página 280 - ... from any preexisting condition not specifically excluded from coverage by terms of the policy, and, except as so provided, the policy or contract shall not include wording that would permit a defense based upon preexisting conditions.
Página 111 - ... fewer people than heart ailments, its victims' suffering is often lingering and painful. Equally frightening is that treatment costs for cancer patients sometimes are so astronomical that if the victims are without adequate insurance coverage, the disease can spell financial ruin for entire families. Cashing in on this fear is the obscure, but increasingly controversial, American Family Life Assurance Co., of Columbus, Ga., which 15 years ago became the nation's first marketer of insurance policies...

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