The Journal of the Senate During the ... Session of the Legislature of the State of California, Edição 27

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Página 345 - All property in the State, not exempt under the laws of the United States, shall be taxed in proportion to its value, to be ascertained as provided by law. The word "property," as used in this article and section, is hereby declared to include moneys, credits, bonds, stocks, dues, franchises, and all other matters and things, real, personal, and mixed, capable of private ownership...
Página 38 - At twelve o'clock, meridian, of the day following that on which proceedings are required to take place, as aforesaid, the members of the two houses shall convene in joint assembly and the journal of each house shall then be read, and if the same person shall have received a majority ' of all the votes in each house, such person shall be declared duly elected senator...
Página 575 - ... justices. The chief justice may convene the court in bank at any time, and shall be the presiding justice of the court when so convened. The concurrence of four justices present at the argument shall be necessary to pronounce a judgment in bank; but if four justices so present do not concur in a judgment, then 'all the justices qualified to sit in the cause shall hear the argument; but to render a judgment a concurrence of four justices shall be necessary.
Página 369 - ... in relation to the Court in bank. The presence of three Justices shall be necessary to transact any business in either of the departments, except such as may be done at Chambers, and the concurrence of three Justices shall be necessary to pronounce a judgment.
Página 402 - Legislature for its approval or rejection as a whole, without power of alteration or amendment, and if approved by a majority vote of the members elected to each house...
Página 8 - The previous question shall be in this form, " Shall the main question be now put ?'' It shall only be admitted when demanded by a majority of the members present, and its effect shall be to put an end to all debate, and bring the...
Página 402 - ... city, at any general or special election, whose duty it shall be, within ninety days after such election, to prepare and propose a charter for such city, which shall be signed in duplicate by the members of such Board, or a majority of them, and returned...
Página 314 - The use of all water required for the irrigation of the lands of any district formed under the provisions of this act, together with rights of way for canals and ditches, sites for reservoirs, and all other property required in fully carrying out the provisions of this act, is hereby declared to be a public use, subject to the regulation and control of the State in the manner prescribed by law.
Página 575 - Justice may sit in either department, and shall preside when so sitting, but the Justices assigned to 'each department shall select one of their number as presiding Justice. In case of the absence of the Chief Justice from the place at which the Court is held, or his inability to act, the Associate Justices shall select one of their own number to perform the duties and exercise the powers of the Chief Justice during such absence or inability to act.
Página 575 - ... where a cause has been allotted to one of the departments, and a judgment pronounced thereon, the order must be made within thirty days after such judgment, and concurred in by two Associate Justices, and if so made it shall have the effect to vacate and set aside the judgment. Any four Justices may, either before or after judgment by a department, order a case to be heard in bank. If the order be not made within the time above limited the judgment shall be final.

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