Social Security Bulletin

Social Security Administration, 1944
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Página 8 - ... policies in regard to wages and earnings, hours and other conditions of work calculated to ensure a just share of the fruits of progress to all, and a minimum living wage to all employed and in need of such protection; e.
Página 8 - ... the extension of social security measures to provide a basic income to all in need of such protection and comprehensive medical care...
Página 11 - ... (C) if as a condition of being employed the individual would be required to join a company union or to resign from or refrain from joining any bona fide labor organization...
Página 9 - ... to further the enjoyment by all States, great or small, victor or vanquished, of access, on equal terms, to the trade and to the raw materials of the world which are needed for their economic prosperity.
Página 8 - ... the war against want requires to be carried on with unrelenting vigour within each nation, and by continuous and concerted international effort in which the representatives of workers and employers, enjoying equal status with those of Governments, join with them in free discussion and democratic decision with a view to the promotion of the common welfare.
Página 8 - ... full employment and the raising of standards of living; b. the employment of workers in the occupations in which they can have the satisfaction of giving the fullest measure of their skill and attainments and make their greatest contribution to the common well-being; c. the provision, as a means to the attainment of this end and under adequate guarantees for all concerned, of facilities for training and the transfer of labour, including migration for employment and settlement; d.
Página 6 - Board, in accordance with the civil-service laws, and whose compensation shall be fixed in accordance with the Classification Act of 1923, as amended. Each such veterans...
Página 10 - The care afforded should comprise both generalpractitioner and specialist out- and in-patient care, including domiciliary visiting ; dental care ; nursing care at home or in hospital or other medical institutions ; the care given by qualified midwives and other maternity services at home or in hospital ; maintenance in hospitals, convalescent homes, sanatoria or other medical institutions...
Página 8 - The Conference affirms that the principles set forth in this Declaration are fully applicable to all peoples everywhere and that, while the manner of their application must be determined with due regard to the stage of social and economic development reached by each people, their progressive application to peoples who are still dependent, as well as to those who have already achieved self-government, is a matter of concern to the whole civilised world.

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