John Howard and the prison world of Europe

Robert Carter & Brothers, 1854 - 401 páginas
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Página 198 - It having been argued that this was an improvement.—" No, Sir," said he, eagerly, " it is not an improvement: they object, that the old method drew together a number of spectators. Sir, executions are intended to draw spectators. If they do not draw spectators, they don't answer their purpose. The old method was most satisfactory to all parties; the public was gratified by a procession; the criminal was supported by it. Why is all this to be swept away ?
Página 74 - Bambridge declared that he would do it first and answer for it afterwards ; and caused him to be dragged away to the dungeon, where he lay without a bed, loaded with irons so close riveted, that they kept him in continual torture, and mortified his legs.
Página 180 - I pressed through the hussars, and counted the number as they were chalked on a board ; both seemed but just alive, especially the man, who yet had strength enough to receive a small donation with some signs of gratitude. They were conducted back to prison in a little waggon. I saw the woman in a very weak condition some days after, but could not find the man any more.
Página 257 - This extraordinary man had the fortune to be honoured, whilst living, In the manner which his virtues deserved: He received the thanks Of both houses of the British and Irish Parliaments For his eminent services rendered to his country and to mankind.
Página 253 - near the village of Dauphigny ; this would suit me nicely ; you know it well, for I have often said that I should like to be buried there ; and let me beg of you, as you value your old friend, not to suffer any pomp to be used at my funeral ; nor any monument, nor monumental inscription whatsoever, to mark where I am laid : but lay me quietly in the earth, place a sun-dial over my grave, and let me be forgotten.
Página 157 - ... a few hours; but that which he has appointed lasts many weeks, nay, sometimes years. The poor wretches are plunged into a noisome dungeon, as bad as the black hole...
Página 257 - June, 1790, a victim to the perilous and benevolent attempt to ascertain the cause of, and find an efficacious remedy for, the plague. He trod an open but unfrequented path to immortality, in the ardent and unremitted exercise of Christian charity. May this tribute to his fame excite an emulation of his truly glorious achievements.
Página 64 - The bench were properly affected with the grievance, and willing to grant the relief desired : but they wanted a precedent for charging the county with the expense. I therefore rode into several neighbouring counties in search of...
Página 63 - Bedford, and the circumstance which excited me to activity in their behalf, was the seeing some, who, by the verdict of juries, were declared not guilty ; some on whom the grand jury did not find such an appearance of guilt as subjected them to trial ; and some whose prosecutors did not appear against them ; after having been confined for months, dragged back to gaol and locked up again till they should pay sundry fees to the gaoler, the clerk of assize, etc. " In order to redress this hardship,...
Página 257 - Our national prisons and hospitals, improved upon the suggestion of his wisdom, bear testimony to the solidity of his judgment, and to the estimation in which he was held. In every part of the civilized world, which he traversed to reduce the sum of human misery, from the throne to the dungeon, his name was mentioned with respect, gratitude, and admiration.

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