Reorganization of the Department of Energy: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Energy and Power of the Committee on Commerce, House of Representatives, One Hundred Fourth Congress, First Session, June 21, 1995, Volume 4


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Página 30 - GENERAL MADDOX General MADDOX. Mr. Chairman, it is a privilege to appear before this committee and to present views on the subject of close air support. I would like to preface my remarks with a few words on the general nature of land combat and the weapons essential to its conduct. The statutory basis for the composition and roles and missions of Army aviation is contained in title 10, USC 3062...
Página 99 - Are these changes expected to continue into the future? 4. Would a Cabinet department increase the visibility and thereby substantially strengthen the active political and public support for actions and programs to enhance the existing organization's goals?
Página 67 - ... removal of 30 million cubic meters of contaminated soil and uranium tailings, treatment of 2.4 billion gallons of ground water and 1.8 billion gallons of surface water, and disposal of 50,000 cubic meters of low-level waste. However, our Environmental Management program is more than simply cleanup. For example, its responsibilities also include: • Safely managing 26 metric tons of plutonium, a highly toxic and radioactive material that is a key ingredient of nuclear weapons; • Reducing the...
Página 68 - Trillion in savings over five years. And renegotiations of existing contracts are expected to yield $1.7 billion of actual and committed savings at the Fernald, Oak Ridge Hanford and Savannah River sites. Other competitions and renegotiations (some already in progress) are expected to yield additional billions of dollars in savings in the future. • We commissioned the first independent post-Cold War review of the Department's 10 National Laboratories. Under the leadership of Robert Galvin, Chairman...
Página 145 - DOE may well have the strongest robotics R&D program in the world. The integrated nature of the DOE laboratory system is evident in many other areas beyond robotics. The DOE Center of Excellence for the Synthesis and Processing of Advanced Materials brings together several complementary strengths in materials science R&D resident at twelve DOE laboratories. Other virtual technology centers exist in practice and are now being formalized.
Página 98 - Department as it is today. According to our survey of experts' opinions and other reports we have recently issued in this series, many of doe's missions could be performed either by private institutions or by other government agencies. To the extent some of doe's missions...
Página 15 - so much more fundamental than we anticipated that we could not in good conscience ignore it. The principle behind that finding is: government ownership and operation of these laboratories does not work well.
Página 98 - Mission orientation and focus: Will the institution be able to focus on its mission(s) or will it be encumbered by other priorities? Which organizational structure will provide the greatest focus on its mission(s)? Credibility: Will the organizational structure be credible, thus gaining public support for its action?
Página 144 - ... cuts across government and industry boundaries. There exist many areas of research of strategic importance to the nation for which the private sector cannot afford the expense or risk and for which the principal investigator model typical of academic research is not well suited. The...
Página 161 - The hearing is adjourned. [Whereupon, at 3:20 pm, the hearing was adjourned.] [The following material was received for the record:] AMERICAN ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY, INC., 1 Riverside Plaza, Columbus, OH, March 16, 1994.

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