Atomic Energy Act of 1946 and Amendments

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1962 - 195 páginas
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Página 4 - Any Commissioner may be removed by the President for inefficiency, neglect of duty, or malfeasance in office.
Página 4 - No member of the Commission shall engage in any other business, vocation, or employment than that of serving as a member of the Commission.
Página 58 - Act shall include a clause to the effect that the Comptroller General of the United States or any of his duly authorized representatives shall, until the expiration of three years after final payment, have access to and the right to examine any directly pertinent books, documents, papers, and records of the contractor or any of his subcontractors engaged in the performance of and involving transactions related to such contracts or subcontracts.
Página 43 - ... who agree to observe such safety standards to protect health and to minimize danger to life or property as the Commission may by rule establish ; and (3) who agree to make available to the Commission such technical Information and data concerning activities under such licenses as the Commission may determine necessary to promote the common defense and security and to protect the health and safety of the public.
Página 49 - In writing not to permit any Individual to have access to Restricted Data until the Civil Service Commission shall have made an Investigation and report to the Commission on the character, associations, and loyalty of such Individual, and the Commission shall have determined that permitting such person to have access to Restricted Data will not endanger the common defense and security.
Página 66 - If any provision of this Act, or the application of such provision to any . person or circumstance, shall be held invalid, the remainder of this Act, or the application of such provision to persons or circumstances other than those as to which it is held invalid, shall not be affected thereby. SEC. 16. This Act may be cited as the "National Labor Relations Act.
Página 68 - ... first mortgage" means such classes of first liens as are commonly given to secure advances on, or the unpaid purchase price of, real estate, under the laws of the State In which the real estate Is located, together with the credit instruments, if any, secured thereby.
Página 39 - President at the time of the appointment, one at the end of one year, one at the end of two years, one at the end of three years, one at the end of four years, and one at the end of five years, after...
Página 65 - ... with intent to injure the United States or with intent to secure an advantage to any foreign nation...
Página 42 - The President from time to time may direct the Commission (1) to deliver such quantities of special nuclear material or atomic weapons to the Department of Defense for such use as he deems necessary in the interest of national defense...

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