Weathering the Storms: Fear Fades as Your Faith Deepens

Harper Collins, 2005 - 185 páginas
Tilling the Soul Cultivating a Forgiving Heart Weathering the Storms Planting Trust, Knowing Peace Revised Edition, An In-Depth Bible Study Four devotional Bible study guides designed to help women connect individually with God-and with each other-in a weekly group. This deeply personal Bible study series is designed to stimulate your personal growth and explore the questions of life one-on-one with God. Each of the four six- to eight-week studies delves into the metaphor of gardening, with God as the gardener of our lives. The studies help women connect with God on an individual basis for daily nurture, then in anticipation of a supportive weekly group study with other women. Denise George provides meaningful interaction with Scripture while sharing personal illustrations from her own life, offering a deep and challenging growth experience. Tilling the Soulis an eight-week daily devotional study that inspires women to pray with faith and effectiveness, especially in the midst of difficult and painful experiences. why, how, and when to forgive, and, most important, helping them experience scriptural forgiveness and find a new freedom in Jesus Christ. Weathering the Stormsis a six-week series that helps women develop a deep root system based in God's Word so that they can withstand the onslaught of any fear. Planting Trust, Knowing Peace is a six-week series helping women dispel distrust and learn to deepen their father-daughter relationship with their heavenly father.

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Healthy FearGods Gift That Arms You
Unhealthy FearSatans Tool That Harms You
Face Fear with Gods Promises
Conquer Fear with Christs Example
The Results of a Fear Conquered
Praying the Scriptures When You Face Fear
Your Fear History
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