Regulation of Exports: Hearings Before ... , 84-2 on H.R. 9052, February 23, March 5 and 6, 1956, Volume 1

1956 - 182 páginas
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Página 21 - Congress declares that it is the policy of the United States to use export controls to the extent necessary (a) to protect the domestic economy from the excessive drain of scarce materials and to reduce the inflationary impact of abnormal foreign demand...
Página 6 - Export control regulations are published in the Federal Register, as are compliance orders. In addition, detailed procedural material which is primarily for trade use is published in an annual loose-leaf service and supplemented by current export bulletins. Up-to-date copies of these materials have been made available to the committee staff. We try to enforce our regulations as fairly as possible, but also with the knowledge that prompt, effective compliance action is one of the best deterrents to...
Página 25 - Weighted Index of steel bars, shapes, plates, wire, rails, black pipe, hot and cold rolled sheets and strips.
Página 46 - Mr. STORY. My name is William S. Story. I am executive vice president of the' Institute of Scrap Iron & Steel, Inc..
Página 40 - One individual defendant and two corporations have pleaded not guilty and are awaiting trial. Victor Samaan et al. : One corporation and one individual. Alleged false representations in shipper's export declarations to make unlawful shipments of roller bearings ostensibly to Switzerland, but actually transshipped to Czechoslovakia ; misuse of licenses to export larger quantities of bearings than authorized. Indicted southern district of New York, April 1952. Awaiting trial. David Zetland Corp. et...
Página 40 - Sen Lee, et al. : two individuals: Alleged false representations in license application and shipper's export declarations as to identity of ultimate consignee and destination of tinplate shipments, and trafficking in export licenses. Indicted southern district of New York. July 1952. One defendant is fugitive from justice and other defendant has not been tried in his absence. Henry G. Bennett, et al.
Página 6 - Sino-Soviet bloc. Our method of operation in this area includes the checking of license applications against intelligence information concerning the parties involved in the proposed transaction; prechecking through the Foreign Service selected applications for the purpose of determining the reliability of the consignee and the bona fides of the transaction; inspection of shipping documents and, on a spot-check basis, physical inspection of actual shipments at the ports of exit. We also trace the...
Página 25 - The CHAIRMAN. The committee will be in order. We will resume the hearings on the extension of the Export Control Act.
Página 7 - Act, violators are punishable by fine and imprisonment; and by regulation, provision has also been made for suspending or terminating the privilege of violators to secure or use export licenses. In addition, the customs collectors have authority to seize, and under certain conditions to obtain the forfeiture of, goods attempted to be exported illegally.

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