Puraniya, Ronggopoor and Assam

W.H. Allen and Company, 1838
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Página xxv - O that thou hadst hearkened to my commandments! Then had thy peace been as a river, and thy righteousness as the waves of the sea...
Página 683 - Garo country, that is 100 miles from east to west and 30 miles from north to south...
Página xxvii - Whate'er thy scat, whate'er thy name, Seas, earth, and air, thy reign proclaim : Wreathy smiles and roseate pleasures Are thy richest, sweetest treasures. All animals to thee their tribute bring, And hail thee universal king Thy consort mild. Affection ever true, Graces thy side, her vest of glowing hue ; And in her train twelve blooming girls advance. Touch golden strings, and knit the mirthful dance Thy dreaded implements they bear, And wave them in the scented air.
Página xxvii - O thou tamer of enemies, the three worlds will be plunged in an ocean of death ; but, in the midst of the destroying waves, a large vessel sent by me for thy use shall stand before thee. Then shalt thou take all medicinal herbs, all the variety of seeds; and, accompanied by seven saints, encircled by pairs of all brute animals, thou shalt enter the spacious ark, and continue in it secure from the flood on one immense ocean without light, except the radiance of thy holy companions.
Página 609 - ... small-pox, being equally a complete bar to the royal dignity. In order probably to prevent the dangers of a disputed succession, it was the maxim of the family, to mark every youth that was not intended for being the presumptive heir, so soon as he approached manhood, by a wound on some conspicuous part, such as the nose or ear. This did not prevent him from being considered as a prince ; he was called Gohaing Deo, and his children, if without blemish, had a right to succession ; although, so...
Página 449 - Tista, a little below Dimla (in Rangpur District) are the remains of a fortified city, said to have been built by Raja Dharmapala...
Página 610 - In the same inclosure was a building of brick (Ranggaghar) in which the Raja sat to view public shows. There was also a small temple, composed entirely of copper. In this, as is supposed, the god Chung was kept ; but the whole worship of that deity is veiled in the most profound mystery. Since the disturbances in the reign of Gaurinath, the royal residence has been removed to Jorhat, about twenty miles west from Ranggapur.
Página 610 - No buildings of brick have been erected, nor is any brick house permitted to a subject. The kings and nobles live in thatched huts, with walls of bamboo mats, supported by sal posts, and built after the fashion of Bengal, with arched ridges, and mud floors. Each apartment is a separate hut. The king has some gold and silver vessels, and some glassware and rich furniture, that has been sent as presents by the government of Bengal. Where the chief nobles sit in their own houses, a heap of earth is...
Página 696 - Its climate is cold, healthy and congenial to European constitutions; its numerous crystal streams abound in gold dust and masses of the solid metal; its mountains are pregnant with precious stones and silver; its atmosphere is perfumed with tea growing wild and luxuriantly, and its soil is so well adapted to all kinds of agricultural purposes that it might be converted into one continued garden of silk, and cotton and coffee and sugar and tea, over an extent of many hundred miles.
Página 73 - This space, containing three square miles, seems in general to have been occupied by gardens, and indeed is now mostly covered with mango trees, which have, it is true, run quite wild into a forest ; but the mud banks by which the gardens have been separated may still be readily traced. Several mounds, apparently roads, lead from this inner suburb towards the outwork, and its northern face has two gates of brick, still pretty considerable buildings. In this suburb is one of the finest tanks that...