To Control Consolidation Or Abandonment of Carrier Facilities of Public Service

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1936 - 151 páginas
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Página 1 - employer" means any carrier (as defined in subsection (b) of this section) , and any company which is directly or indirectly owned or controlled by one or more such carriers or under common control therewith, and which operates any equipment or facility or performs any service (except trucking service, casual service, and the casual operation of equipment or facilities) in connection with the transportation of passengers or property by railroad...
Página 144 - ... shall be reimbursed for all expenses of moving his household and other personal effects and for the traveling expenses of himself and members of his family, including living expenses for himself and his family and his own actual wage loss during the time necessary for such transfer, and for a reasonable time thereafter (not to exceed two working days), used in securing a place of residence in his new location.
Página 1 - Territory, or between points in the same State but through any other State or any Territory or the District of Columbia or any foreign country. (7) The term "affecting commerce...
Página 4 - International Association of Machinists. International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, Iron Ship Builders and Helpers of America. International Brotherhood of Blacksmiths, Drop Forgers and Helpers. Sheet Metal Workers
Página 1 - employer" shall not include any street, interurban, or suburban electric railway, unless such railway is operating as a part of a general steam-railroad system of transportation, but shall not exclude any part of the general steam-railroad system of transportation now or hereafter operated by any other motive power. The...
Página 140 - If the employee owns his own home in the locality from which he is required to move, he shall at his option be reimbursed by his employing carrier for any loss suffered in the sale of his home for less than its fair value.
Página 2 - employee" as used herein includes every person in the service of a carrier (subject to its continuing authority to supervise and direct the manner of rendition of his service) who performs any work defined as that of an employee or subordinate official in the orders of the Interstate Commerce Commission...
Página 5 - Railway Carmen of America International Brotherhood of Firemen and Oilers Brotherhood of Railway and Steamship Clerks, Freight Handlers, Express and Station Employees Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees Brotherhood of Railroad Signalmen of America National Organization Masters, Mates, and Pilots of America National Marine Engineers...
Página 145 - Commission shall be requested to appoint the third appraiser. A decision of a majority of the appraisers shall be required and said decision shall be final and conclusive. The salary and expenses of the third or neutral appraiser, including the expenses of the appraisal board, shall be borne equally by the parties to the proceedings. All other expenses shall be paid by the party incurring them, including the salary of the appraiser selected by such party.
Página 140 - coordination" as used herein means joint action by two or more carriers whereby they unify, consolidate, merge, or pool in whole or in part their separate railroad facilities or any of the operations or services previously performed by them through such separate facilities. (b) The term "carrier...

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