Disarming the Culture War: How the Silent Majority Can Break the Stalemate

iUniverse, 2005 - 204 páginas
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The two most recent presidential elections exposed a deep and expanding polarization of the American public. Unfortunately, the two major political parties aren't helping to resolve this conflict. In fact, they created the conflict and are perpetuating it. There is no serious debate within the political parties on the four moral issues that are the basis of this Culture War. They have been transformed into articles of faith. Committed Democrats will be for abortion, gun control, separation of church and state and gay marriage. Their Republican counterparts will be against all of them.

Disarming the Culture War makes the case that a majority of Americans are not satisfied with the positions the political parties offer on these issues. A "silent majority" of Americans are against abortion and gay marriage but are in favor of gun control and the separation of church and state. This Culture War is a divisive stalemate with serious long-term consequences, and citizens who have been silent for far too long have an obligation to speak up now. Disarming the Culture War brings a new dimension to the public dialogue-a dialogue that is necessary if we are to find our way beyond this Culture War.

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