Reports of Cases Decided in the Supreme Court and County Courts of Pennsylvania: With Notes and References

Providence register print, 1889 - 324 páginas
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Página 178 - ... that no such government shall be erected or constituted in any town not containing twelve thousand inhabitants; nor unless it be with the •consent, and on the application, of a majority of the inhabitants of such town, present and voting thereon, pursuant to a vote at a meeting duly warned and holden for that purpose...
Página 157 - To prohibit within the borough the carrying on of any mannfacture, art, trade, or business which may be noxious or offensive to the inhabitants; the manufacture, sale, or exposure of fireworks or other inflammable or dangerous articles, and to limit and prescribe the quantities that may be kept in one place of gunpowder, fireworks, turpentine, and other inflammable articles, and to prescribe such other safeguards as may be necessary.
Página 56 - A person charged in any state with treason, felony, or other crime, who shall flee from justice, and be found in another state, shall, on demand of the executive authority of the state from which he fled be delivered up to be removed to the state having jurisdiction of the crime.
Página 144 - No law shall be passed except by bill, and no bill shall be so altered or amended on its passage through either house as to change its original purpose.
Página 74 - When the purchaser at a sheriff's sale promises to hold for the debtor, and afterwards refuses to comply with his engagement, the fraud, if any, is not at the sale, not in the promise, but in its subsequent breach. That is too late.
Página 131 - No person shall be arrested or imprisoned on any civil process issuing out of any court of law, or on any execution issuing out of a court of equity, in any suit or proceeding instituted for the recovery of any money due upon any judgment or decree founded upon contract, or due upon any contract expressed or implied, or for the recovery of any damages for the nonperformance of any contract.
Página 18 - SECTION 1. Be it enacted &c., That from and after the passage of this act...
Página 101 - ... upon their respective subscriptions, and from them or other sources of information, ascertain the truth in regard thereto, and may order execution to issue accordingly; and the said association shall be and it is hereby required to keep a subscription list book for that purpose and the same shall be open to inspection by the creditors and members of the association, at all reasonable times...
Página 45 - The mayor shall be the chief executive officer of the city. It shall be his duty to be vigilant and active in causing the laws and...
Página 51 - Regulating the affairs of counties, cities, townships, wards, boroughs or school districts...

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